Inistate professionally generates multiple platforms, including a back-office system and native mobile apps, with a one-time simple setup using our proprietary Intention-Driven UI. A no-code application development platform enables businesses to create internal applications.

Simply enter your desired solution, and Inistate will instantly deliver apps with back office management thanks to its cutting-edge algorithms and AI-powered engine.

On the Cloud

Everywhere and at any time, the system is at your disposal with only an internet connection and a device.


You can utilize your desktop or laptop to its full potential. They have packed more information and possible actions into a single screen to help you complete tasks faster and make better decisions.


Without any additional installation, it is accessible via a web browser. You have full access to the system you configured, whether using a desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Key Features of Inistate

  • Automate workflow tasks and notify people when they are due.
  • Create documents and reports with a few mouse clicks.
  • Integrate and connect with thousands of your favourite apps.
  • Work together with your teams and clients.
  • You can create a workflow that works for you and your company.
  • Control and maintain your users’ documents and report access permissions.
  • It keeps all of your information in one place.
  • Learn and adapt with Inistate’s pre-templates and an expanding library of module templates.


  • An all-in-one solution for your company
  • A simple UI design and an easy-to-use user interface.
  • Front and back office connections with mobile staff and seamless in-office support increased app delivery speed.
  • Saving time
  • Savings over hiring a developer to build the app from the ground up.
  • There are numerous templates to choose from and customize to meet the needs of your business.
  • There are fewer documents to manage.
  • The ability to use Inistate in any situation

On the move

With mobile apps, you can work outside or on the go. It is available on Google Play and Apple App Stores. To ensure a seamless app experience, we employ proprietary Intention-driven UI.


Inistate, a reliable back-office system, and an easy-to-use app are all combined into a single simple setup. It is now easier to complete tasks in a large corporation or a small start-up.

Web App: Inistate

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