When I saw Kryptographe: Crypto Altfolio on the App Store, I became intrigued by the features and concept of best Crypto Tracker & Manager, so I figured why not? I’m glad I picked this one up, because it’s a great app that does not disappoint. When Kryptographe app released, it was something special and unique.

We all know that KryptoGraphe is the first Crypto Portfolio app that efficaciously integrates with your crypto exchange accounts and allows auto-sync of your portfolio. The users don’t have to manually enter all transaction details. It also provides detailed analysis and meaningful insights on how your portfolio is performing.

When discussed about key features there is availability of Altfolio Management where one get detailed view of where your portfolio stands overall profit, loss, and % growth or decline. The users can also get quick and effortless views by coin, exchange, etc., and by period day, week, month, etc. You also have relative performance where in you could check how your portfolio is performing against other investors to understand your real performance namely as All Investors, Top 25% Investors, Investors from Your Country, Investors with Similar Portfolio Sizes, etc.

For sake of users you also have percentile score. The app effectively shows how your portfolio is doing not just on an absolute basis Growth Numbers, but also relative to other investors in the market Percentile Numbers for you to have an insight on how well you are positioned. It is quite possible to learn how your portfolio is doing compared to All Investors and Investors liking you. Even more the category is artificially developed based on similar portfolio size.

More effectively the comparison analysis feature shows you your Percentile performance against other investors. The firm team of news consolidators keeps you abreast with the latest news and updates from the digital currency world and in the world of enterprise block chain with 3–5 posts per day. In addition you could use the app to check for the latest market capitalization of Bitcoin and Altcoins, percentage change per day, and volume of trades, and to develop a watch list of the coins you wish to follow. Eventually they are the first app of its kind to integrate so seamlessly with major coin exchanges and offer comparative analysis of investor’s Altfolios. They are also considered as the best Crypto Tracker & Manager introduced for benefit of users. Finally this reputed app is a new and more practical means for investors to keep track of their crypto portfolios.



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