Were you a fan of MovieBox? Gutted that it’s gone? Don’t worry; the developers haven’t left you in the lurch; instead, they’ve released MovieBox Pro as a replacement. You still get all those movies and TV shows to watch online or off but, right now, MovieBox is only for Android. Do you want to know how to get it on iOS for free?

You read that right.

MovieBox Pro Features: 

I’ll tell you all about it in a moment but first, a look at the features:

  • Watch thousands of movies and TV shows
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Subtitles available in 255 languages
  • Stream or download to watch offline
  • Stream to other devices with support for Airplay, Chromecast, Android TV, smart tv’s and more
  • Updated regularly
  • Loads more features

Let’s get started

Download MovieBox Pro : 

All you need is a minute or so of your time and a good internet connection, along with the steps below:

  1. Go to the Appvalley download page
  2. Tap Download from the menu and then the MovieBox Pro button for inside AppValley apps page.
  3. Tap the Install button on the message and follow the progress by checking your home screen
  4. When installed, you can access MovieBox Pro through the icon
  5. To stop the Untrusted Developer error, open Settings>General>Profile, tap Movie Box Pro and trust it

If you can’t get Movie Box Pro to work, delete it and try again

There’s more, though

FAQ : 

Can I Watch on a Games Console or Another Device? 

Yes. Movie Box Pro supports many other devices and streaming is effortless using Wi-Fi Direct.

  1. Open your movie or TV show in MovieBox Pro
  2. Tap the Wi-Fi icon and a screen will pop up
  3. Note the web sharing address in red and input this into the browser of the device you want to watch
  4. Close your iOS device and watch in comfort on a bigger screen

It’s that simple

Go ahead, download MovieBox Pro for free today and enjoy your favorite shows and movies, whenever you want on whatever device. For more excellent tips like these, you can join us on Facebook.

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