The SaaS platform focuses on delivering real-time results and makes consumer Insights a simple solution for brands worldwide. It provides brands with a product previously obtained through Market Research Agencies on a yearly subscription basis. Because of its proximity to consumption, it is simple, easy, and supported by a team of specialized researchers, allowing brands to interact with consumers anytime, anywhere, and gain unique top-quality insights on behaviour and attitudes.

Zinklar is the best tool for providing market insights and details about your products. To run your marketing and product development division efficiently, you must have specific information about your product’s market performance. Zinklar will assist you with this. Without Zinklar, your market research will be incomplete. It produces results in a very short time. Your real-time research findings concentrate not only on a specific topic but also on customer preferences.

Empower Consumer Intelligence for Your Brand

  • Easy to manage to spend
  • Consumers you can trust
  • Make decisions faster
  • Access expert support
  • Be more agile
  • Never miss a consumer

Because of its proximity to consumption, it is the only automated SaaS platform that allows enterprises to interact with consumers at any time and from any location and gain unique insights into their behaviour and attitudes. Customers are always online. They will provide real-time insights whenever you need them via their mobile phones. This brings you closer to the consumer moment of truth than ever before. They combine external and internal data to get a complete picture of your consumer and database.

You can gain critical insights into your business by comparing and analyzing how consumer and client perceptions differ. In real-time, gain insights and analyze them. Their DIY platform, CRM capabilities, and API integration with the best international market research panels enable you to put the consumer at the centre of your decision-making process.

The companies that use Zinklar will bring consumer insights to the forefront of their business decisions daily. Zinklar is used by more than 200 leading companies across all industries, including Reckitt Benckiser, Duracell, Unilever, Orange, and Jaguar Land Rover.

Final Thoughts 

Zinklar is a SaaS platform that delivers real-time results and makes Market Research a simple solution for brands worldwide. It’s the only platform allowing brands to conduct high-quality research and get real-time results. They are simple, easy, and supported by a team of specialized researchers.

Web App: Zinklar

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