Considering how much time many of us now spend glued to a screen all day, it can feel like our brains aren’t enjoying all the activity. It’s simpler to become tired and hazy as the days pass and to worry that you’re losing your edge.

Access brain training – just because you’re no longer in school doesn’t mean you can’t keep your mind sharp. Many countless apps and games can aid you in saving some skills and mental processes that you may have long since abandoned quicker and faster. You could spin yourself into a better version of yourself with enough time.

One of the best brain training and speed reading apps is Readlax: Brain Games. It provides a straightforward platform and a broad range of features and encourages you to read and broaden your vocabulary while keeping your brain in shape. The Readlax brain training app can help you boost your memory, read faster, focus, and visual span.

What’s Important about Readlax: Productivity Platform?

Readlax offers brain games and workouts online. Memory Training, Speed Reading, Touch Typing, Focus and Concentration, and Peripheral Vision are all featured in the app.

Speed reading is the method of discovering and absorbing entire phrases on a page rather than merely identifying specific words. Working memory is a more significant intellectual system with limited capacity that can store information temporarily. Working memory is required for reasoning, decision-making, and discipline.

Why Should You Choose Readlax?

  • Highly enhances concentration
  • Ameliorates memory
  • Good Stress Reduction
  • Adeptly enhances Learning Capacity
  • Qualitatively Increases Empathy
  • Increases Vocabulary

The users of Readlax highly improve their reading speed by 50% on average in two weeks of training without losing comprehension.

How Does It Work?

  • Actively engage in mental exercises;
  • Highlight phrases in books and news;
  • Evaluate your reading speed and comprehension.

Readlax effectively takes a reading and comprehension test to track your workout progress. Why? Reading is a sophisticated mental function of our brain that engages working memory, visual image, word encoding and decoding, concentration, focus, and special awareness. The larger the development of these mental abilities, the faster comprehension and reading will be.

Final Thoughts

Everything is presented correctly in Readlax, as you explore many significant features that demonstrate or categorise how much care was shown into the app during quality development.

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