Stay Entertained with The Pick TV App

Posted September 15, 2021 by Earnest Arockyaraj

Do you need quality entertainment on the go? Then, you can check out apps that broadcast live TV channels on both iOS and Android devices. There may be many apps that let users watch their favourite shows and movies for free. Not all of them are so comfortable to use. One such clean app that […]

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Posted September 8, 2021 by Editor

Generally I am able to take reprieve in searching out new mobile app arrivals across a multitude of platforms. Though sometimes I need to analyze latest app arrivals through numerous steps, most of the time I like to unwind with something excellent app features like you find out in this app namely CoffeeCall developed by […]

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Social Networking


Posted September 7, 2021 by Editor

For starters, once you build a relationship with influencers you can reach their followers as well as your own. There is a good chance that you won’t have the same followers, even if you are in the same industry. Build relationships with influencers that have a strong following and are well respected and you might […]

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Note Daily Notes, List, Scanner, Notepad, Notebook

Posted August 27, 2021 by Earnest Arockyaraj

Remembering and organizing the routine work in the workplace is not at all easy. I am so forgetful and keep forgetting my targets due to a timely reminder. Being a teacher I am held up with academic and administrative work and fail to manage my time thus there will be a lapse in my work […]

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Royal Tiles

Posted August 17, 2021 by Editor

After seeing Royal Tiles app developed by Simon Jelusic on the App Store last week, I knew that it was unique that I had to try out, mostly because of the exclusive game features and how it bills itself as a superlative, how can I resist? The app developer certainly did wonderful job with features, […]

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Food & Drink

Coal Pot

Posted August 16, 2021 by Editor

If people are really lucky enough to take on best Caribbean food recipes experience, you should certainly give it a try Coal Pot app developed by 1AM STUDIOS LLC.  This app effectively revolutionises the way we think about unique food recipes. Generally whether you are a foodie, missing home or just a lover of Caribbean […]

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AR Wrap – Gift wrap in augmented reality

Posted August 10, 2021 by Earnest Arockyaraj

Gift your loved ones with an innovative Gift Wrapper Increase the excitement of your loved ones with all new technology in gift wrapping. Wow!-what a beautiful idea surely technology at its best. This application AR Wrap is one of its kind. I tried my hands on with AR Wrap application on my daughter’s wedding day. […]

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Food & Drink

Humanitarian Charity Feed (HCF)

Posted August 9, 2021 by Earnest Arockyaraj

Did you ever imagine a moment to think that we are living the future that fiction films predicted to an extent? The technological breakthroughs in the last two decades have pushed our civilization to modern one that our ancestors wouldn’t have even dreamed of. The introduction of mobile apps are fitting testament to the extent […]

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Social Networking


Posted August 2, 2021 by Editor

More recently you could find countless amazing apps which are launched on a daily basis to App Store. Some of them are really quality in effort while on the other hand; most of them are normal replicas. Talking about the best apps in 2021; we have made a good choice namely Sticko app developed by […]

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House & Home

Fixall for Technicians

Posted July 30, 2021 by Editor

Are you a technician who lost the job because of the pandemic? Being a technician I was hunting for jobs to make both ends meet. One of my friends suggested me this Fixall for a technician’s application as he can make decent money with pretty good orders. Initially, just upon his request, I registered as […]

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Health & Fitness

My Personal Experience Using Affirmation App – Believe

Posted July 22, 2021 by appsmirror

Bad thoughts are risky and no matter how many times I try to shut them up with wine or even if you watch Netflix they don’t let up. I also read that people with poor mind have a tendency to get sleeping pattern issues, insomnia and often depressive mind, I am lucky that I haven’t still developed any of those. I also read that if […]

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Video Players & Editors

VidFast – Free video downloader for Facebook

Posted July 12, 2021 by Editor

When I saw VidFast – Free video downloader for Facebook app developed by Tech Innovatives on the Play Store, I became intrigued by the concept. I’m glad I picked this one up, because it’s a great app that does not disappoint. For me VidFast: Free video downloader for Facebook is the one of the best […]

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Posted July 7, 2021 by Earnest Arockyaraj

Orderspot is the simplest way for your business to go digital. Whether you are an independent restaurant or a national hospitality chain, it is possible launch a digital store on Orderspot where customers can view your products, order, and pay right from their mobile phones. You can join 60+ restaurants, hospitality groups, and food suppliers […]

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Posted July 2, 2021 by Earnest Arockyaraj

It is proudly stated that everything is done professionally well as you uncover many salient features which just show or enumerate how much care was put into the Housing.com web app during development. People are all assuaged on in the amazing app. They are in love with the key features, but it’s really beneficial with […]

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Posted June 29, 2021 by Earnest Arockyaraj

They are the most familiar website that gives creative ideas to its users through images, recipes, products, and videos, invested in building a Progressive Web App. They have wonderful networking experience and resulted in conversions at the rate of 1%, with the intent of garnering active global attention. With key objective of enabling faster performance, […]

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