Amazing Simon Slot Games Review

Posted December 13, 2015 by Editor

Simon slots games are among the digital games found by Blue Crystal Labs,Inc to provide you with a means of mobile entertainment. It is a guaranteed professional and friendly game which is constantly being updated.

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DTR: Dating, Friends & Hookups

Posted October 17, 2019 by Earnest Arockyaraj

If you’re searching for quality way of sprucing up your dating and like to experience dating, friends & hookups, then you’ll definitely want to take this DTR: Dating, Friends & Hookups app developed by Determine the Relationship LLC for effective new features. Are you tired of swiping then try this world’s first app for meeting […]

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NetworkToolbox- Secure your home network

Posted August 17, 2015 by Editor

Post the Chinese hackers attacking servers worldwide, NSA Prism Scandal, Snowden case and similar events, network security and privacy has emerged as a major concern.

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Word Chums : Complete Entertaining Package

Posted December 15, 2015 by Editor

Word Chums is a complete package in terms of word games. The app has a classic Scrabble-like game play. In addition, it includes several different playing features and options. The game board looks like the typical Scrabble board having a blue background which looks quite great

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Cards & Casino

Posh Bingo App – A Quick Overview for Android and iOS Users

Posted May 28, 2015 by Editor

Posh Bingo is another member of the Cassava family that offers numerous bingo rooms with exciting games all day long and lucrative bonuses. This is hardly surprising for those of you who are familiar the quality of this bingo network.

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Lucky Nugget Casino App: Play Dozens of Casino Games on your Mobile

Posted November 3, 2016 by Editor

The Lucky Nugget Casino app represents just how serious gaming companies are getting about this increasingly popular gaming genre. By managing to fit in many of the world’s most popular table games into a simple and sleek app, they’ve provided the modern gamer with a convenient way to get to grips with casino culture.

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The Tracker by I4U: An App That Simplifies Your Shopping

Posted July 24, 2017 by Editor

The Tracker by I4U is a new app designed for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices running the latest iOS 10.3. It is designed to simplify the entire shopping process and enable the user to compare prices from different online stores

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Play Junglee Teen Patti 3D : Real Fun

Posted February 21, 2015 by Editor

Teen Patti is a popular name in India. You will hear about it on the streets, in the pubs and even in the kitty parties and high glam occasions. It is a game that everyone enjoys; some play it for fun while some play for making some money.

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Tap and Smash : Best Entertainer Game !

Posted September 2, 2016 by Editor

Tap and Smash is a unique and simple game to play. It is most suitable for light gamers of all ages. Simply tapping the screen and avoiding the solid balls that fly haphazardly in your direction may seem simple enough, and I found the game a bit reminiscent of Flappy Bird

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Vector HD : Engaging, Challenging and Simple Arcade Fun

Posted December 3, 2012 by Editor

Vector HD is truly spectacular and creative an action arcade app for your iPad. You can make the most of the potential of parkour on your iPad with this app developed by Nekki.

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Pencil Photo Sketch is ultimate app for getting an ultimate sketch

Posted July 4, 2018 by Editor

: There are so many apps which deal with sketching that is providing a platform to have sketch effects. Recently I download one app name as Pencil Photo Sketch. This app is having so many good features that make it perfect for getting sketch effects. Here I will tell you all the required information related […]

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nPlayer – Start Playing

Posted November 28, 2015 by Editor

Smartphones have taken each and every role, once played by laptops and computers, with sheer excellence. They’ve perfectly replaced them in our lives and no longer do we feel any need for our laptop when we want to send an urgent file or when we want to see what our friends are doing. There is […]

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Posted June 17, 2017 by Editor

Why do we listen to music? Is it our hobby, passion or a necessity for living? According to the researchers, listening to music is very essential in today’s life. Because today, technology and industry affect our lives in different ways, such as traffic, noise pollution, economic problems, and other stresses of our busy life

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Social Networking

MessageHub™ – A One-in-all Social Network

Posted October 28, 2014 by Editor

In a time when there are so many social platforms available for you to be a part of, it’s very easy to connect with your friends. I mean if any of your friends is not on Facebook, go check him out on Twitter and if someone else’s still missing, there is AOL, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

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Social Networking

DilemmaMatch: Match ‘Love’ with Your ‘Life’

Posted December 1, 2014 by Editor

You’re walking on a road and suddenly you fall into another girl passing by your side. She had books and a few notes in her hands that fall down all over the road.

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