Maid & Slime – Review

by Mar 13, 20170 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : Android
Developer : KaimanGames Co.Ltd
Rating : 4
Positives : User Interface
Negatives : None

TheMysteryShack A quirky mix of manga, 8-bit gaming, and straight up whack-a-mole, Maid & Slime is Kaiman Games’ latest addition to the mobile gaming world. In this game, players fight as the bouncy anime heroine Maid, who must make her way through a series of levels to conquer the devious slime monsters in her path. Currently available through both the Apple Store and Google Play, the game is far from perfect, but certainly has some charming traits to make up for its flaws.


Gameplay: In Maid & Slime, the levels offer a clever crossover between melee fighting games and click-it-quick phone games. Progressing as Maid, players are required to quickly tap the assigned slime monsters at the bottom of the screen–and avoid others–to rack up fighting points. The more fighting points Maid gains, the more hits she earns against the monster she’s fighting. The game progresses in this pattern, with new slime monsters appearing in later levels.

The main flaw in the gameplay comes from the story; Maid & Slime has a very manga-influenced style, and therefore, the initial plot is offered in a manga-like comic. This is a bit cluttered and hard to decipher. Granted, the story line doesn’t seem entirely vital to the game, and players can still progress smoothly without understanding everything that is going on, but it still would be nice to have a bit more clarity when it comes to plot.


Design: Maid & Slime boasts a colorful, pixel-filled world reminiscent of old RPG dueling games. The gaming format itself is very simple (except for a few slightly confusing item menus), with the main activity happening in a grid where one taps slime monsters.

Perhaps the most prominent design feature of the app is its anime/manga influences, spread generously throughout the game. From the energized chibi Maid to the mushroom men, frog beasts, and other creatures she meets along the way, Maid & Slime is extremely reminiscent of ever-popular anime styles. This may not appeal to everyone, but many players who enjoy that style may find this game a real treat.

Other: There are a few other things to note about Maid & Slime. First of all, fitting in with its 8-bit style, the music is peppy, electronic, and fun; however, some players might get tired of the constant squeaks and grunts from popped slime monsters. Still, the music is a nice touch–akin to some of the old Mario games–and it’s a quaint little addition to the game.

Another thing worth mentioning is that some of the game’s instructions are in broken English. The errors are very slight and don’t really hinder gameplay, but they do pop up a lot throughout battles and menus, so they were noticeable enough to comment on.

Overall, Maid & Slime is not without its flaws, but still seems like it’s a fun, quirky game nonetheless. The app is available for free, so anyone interested has nothing to lose in downloading it. Heck, they may just find a fantastic new game to pass the time–or at least a newfound love for poking slime monsters.

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