Rocket VPN – Review

by Mar 17, 20170 comments

Platform : Android | iPhone
Developer : Liquidum Limited
Rating : 4
Positives : Concept
Negatives :

The ability to surf freely is what every internet enthusiast desires – to unblock blocked sites, games and do much more. An app called Rocket VPN makes all these possible giving the users the ability to unblock content that has been geographically restricted, encrypt mobile data, not only surf anonymously but also fast, and to mask their browsing to avoid monitoring by third parties, providing absolute security, privacy and speed while at it. Moreover, users stay anonymous even when using unsecured Wi-Fi networks. With this app comes 250 MB free data every month, and an option to upgrade to unlimited surfing.



Rocket VPN offers freedom to internet users to do what they have not been able to do before due to restrictions. It was released for both Android and iOS platforms and is available in each of the stores. Anonymous browsing is taken to a whole new level, enabling users to have unlimited access to blocked apps and sites, launch their applications quickly, protect their identity, securely surf the internet and guard their privacy. This app is the real deal when it comes to unrestricted browsing, and this is one of the main things that make it popular.


The interface of Rocket VPN provides accessibility and makes it easy to use. Users have the ability to choose a location of their choice and check the amount of data remaining for the month. It is important to understand that any remaining bandwidth will not be carried ahead to the following month. Avoiding detection when surfing is made more efficient than ever, and the good thing is that you only need to launch this app. Internet enthusiasts should have an easy time getting access to applications and sites that have restrictions.


User Interface

Rocket VPN can be used on either the iOS or Android platforms. It comes with a clean and organized layout for convenient browsing and keeping tabs on the amount of data utilized in a given month. Users become more aware of their browsing taking their virtual location into consideration and have an option of getting access to unlimited bundles with one click. The users get updates notifications to make their experiences using the app even better and smooth. The total amount of data that one gets for a month’s usage is 250 MB for use in watching videos, streaming music online and surf without monitoring.

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