4im Plus – 4 Instant Messaging

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Genre : Messaging
Platform : Web
Developer : PiOTY LTD
Rating : 4.6
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Recognize the value of instant messaging in your business. Communicate with your customers using any of the popular messaging apps. 4im Plus is intended to connect businesses with their customers through the most widely used messaging app. Customers can also request through the app, and the Business BOT can quickly answer pertinent business questions.

Make Your Primary Means Of Communication:

  • Easily communicate with your customers via their preferred instant messaging app, with twelve options totalling billions of users worldwide.
  • You can choose only the apps you want with a custom selection for connections and requests.
  • Handle more inquiries with the requested feature, which alerts you to a pending customer request that you must handle.
  • Respond to customer inquiries with your quick response BOT, saving you and your customer’s time.
  • When employees interact with customers, their activity is visible on their pages. Only business accounts have access to this feature.
  • Manage multiple accounts and share your business page with customers, including all employee contact information. Only business accounts have access to this feature.
  • Personalize your page with 1,000 different designs, brand domain extensions, and relevant BOT categories.

What Are The Advantages?

  • Increase the number of ways for customers to connect.
  • A quick and simple way to share
  • Boost customer engagement
  • Provide valuable responses to questions
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Totally free of charge

Why Should I Use This?                             

  • You will not be charged anything.
  • It is possible to update it at any time.
  • Assist your customers in promoting you.
  • Always available when you need it
  • Never pass up an opportunity to connect.
  • Faster and more convenient

Connect With Your Customers Easily Using The Most Popular Messaging Apps:

  • Nine Billion Monthly Active Users in Twelve Apps
  • Work more efficiently with our powerful business tools.
  • Increased business productivity with less effort
  • Use popular messaging apps to increase sales for your company.
  • Save money on voice calls on the most popular messaging apps for you and your customers.
  • Use free video calling better to serve your customers on the most popular messaging apps.
  • Instantly share documents and invoices with your customers via the most popular messaging apps.

Final Words

We strongly advise you to go for 4im Plus – 4 Instant Messaging web app if you want distinctive and unique features. You will enjoy what 4im Plus has to offer.

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