5 Surprising Ways to Use Finale To Do: Tasks & Widget

by Jun 9, 20220 comments

Genre : Messaging
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Grant Oganyan
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Reminder App, Tasks and Widgets
Negatives : Nothing

Finale To-Do is a simple yet effective task manager, planner, and reminder. It is a versatile tool for organizing work, life, studies, hobbies, grocery lists, and anything else you can throw at it.

Make tasks, add notes, set multiple reminders, and set priorities. Separate tasks using lists, colours, icons, sorting preferences, and other methods. To keep you motivated on your journey, level up by completing tasks and receiving awards. Use the lovely home screen widget to keep essential tasks close at hand. Choose from various themes to create a visual style that is unique to you.

Forget about the recurring subscriptions that most apps require. Finale To Do guarantees all features and future support from the beginning to the end.


Key Features of Finale To Do: Tasks & Widget

  • Create an infinite number of tasks
  • Make a list of tasks to complete.
  • Make several reminders.
  • Choose from a variety of themes to adeptly suit your preferences.
  • Earn points to level up and gain access to new features.
  • Earn awards and unlock achievements
  • A helpful home screen widget
  • Use iCloud to sync tasks.
  • No subscriptions, premiums, pros, or anything else.

Just forget about subscriptions, premiums, pros, and other nonsense. Make as many lists as you want, send as many notifications as you want, and achieve as many goals.

Lists of Designs

  • Separate tasks with lists, colours, and icons to help you organize an already hectic life.

Reminders that are adaptable

  • Set multiple reminders for each task to keep you on track.

Backup to the cloud

  • Backup all of your data to the cloud automatically for a worry-free experience

Motivate Yourself  

  • Earn badges and levels to unlock special perks and stay motivated.

Final Thoughts

Every day, join thousands of others in becoming more productive, capturing ideas, and reaching higher goals. You can also make lists, set flexible reminders, prioritize tasks, and keep notes. Finale To Do can handle everything.