7 Benefits of Adidas Running: Sports Tracker

by Jun 3, 20220 comments

Genre :
Platform : Android
Developer : Adidas Runtastic
Rating : 4.5
Positives : Fitness activities & exercise routines for walking, hiking, cycling, running & other sports. We're more than just a run & mile tracker
Negatives : None

This app, provided by Adidas Runtastic, is ideal for those who want to up their fitness game by achieving daily workout goals, mainly through running. While the emphasis is on running, as previously stated, this Android application can also log 90 different types of fitness activities or sports, such as yoga and swimming.

It tracks duration, distance travelled, calories burned, heart rate data, and other statistics relevant to sports enthusiasts. It includes excellent training instructions for both novice and experienced runners and athletes.

You can compete in virtual races and set personal fitness or running objectives. You can also maintain your competitive spirit by connecting with your friends in the app’s helpful fitness community.

Why is Adidas Running: Sports Tracker App So Special?

While Adidas running is a free app to download, few features, such as developing your own marathon plans,  adeptly storing your personal records, and auto-pausing when you stop moving, are only available in its premium version (payable).

Adidas’ running app is wholly available for free or with a paid membership. The free version includes GPS tracking in real-time, highlighting your duration, distance, calories burned, average pace, speed, and heart rate data. You’ll also receive basic running statistics, such as your weekly activity and the distance you’ve travelled from your personal goal.

The Adidas Running app properly allows you to track various activities despite its name. Hiking, lacrosse, skipping, rowing, cycling, and swimming are among the 48 sports that can be tracked. Although the tracking data is different for each sport, it’s a great way to log and store all of your activities in one place.

There’s no need to be a slave to your watch or phone while running with Adidas Running because audio updates notify you of your pace, distance, and duration every mile.

Final Verdict 

Eventually, Adidas Running is packed with helpful information, and the free version will undoubtedly benefit you. However, if you want some tailored programs to help you prepare for an event and challenge yourself and see those improvements, you should pay and go premium.