90 different logic games: Way to sharp Brian!

by Dec 21, 20150 comments

Genre : Trivia
Platform : Android
Developer : W Water Gamer
Rating : 4
Positives : graphics, logic games, fun
Negatives : sound quality


There are different ways of learning and retaining information. One of the best ways to achieve this is by engaging in logic games occasionally during the day. There are different apps developed for playing logic games but not all are amazing and unique to make you want to keep playing. The most stunning and amazing app for playing logic games is the 90 Different Logic Games app. It has 90 different logic games that make it more entertaining with a wide choice of board games to choose. This app was developed by W. Water Gamer playable on Android operating system of version 3.0 and up. Its latest version 1.23 was released on November 2015 and has a size of 4.10Mb. It has light graphics.


The Game Play

The 90 Different Logic Game is a fascinating collection of logic games. It is played by players progressing through various phases each with a completely different puzzle. The game`s initial screen appears confusing with so many buttons, but they are examples of the logic games contained in the app. The screen displays different star buttons each representing a difficult level. More stars represent a more difficult puzzle.


90 Different Logic Games Features

90-Different Logic Games app is designed with amazing features such as; 4 difficult levels, one endless level and the help feature.

Four Difficult Levels

This app is a collection of logic games containing about 90-different logic games. Some games are boring due to the fact that you will keep repeating the same thing time and again. With this app, you will be presented with many options and all you need to do is just switch to new things every time you are playing to stay focused. This feature serves as a motivation because advancing from one level to the next is an indication of how best you have mastered the games. The difficult levels are marked by star buttons and the more the stars, the more difficult the level become and each level has over 900-stages.


One Endless Level

This feature is unique and one of a kind. It is not common with other logic games and it presents you with an endless playing opportunity. It gives one a great opportunity to exercise and keep their brain focused.


You don’t have to hire a tutor to teach you on how to play these logic games. The help feature will guide you and help you anytime you are stuck. There is a question mark icon in the upper left that gives playing hints to players at every level.


It is easy to understand and play

It is offered free

It has many different playing options


It is addictive

Doesn’t have instructions leaving players to figure out what the puzzle needs.

Final Verdict

The 90-Different Logic Games is an amazing game for those who desire a persistent onslaught of changing logic puzzles. It is not possible to select one type of puzzle to play but its wide array of puzzles will keep your mind engaged. If you want to test your logic, get the 90 Different Logic Games app.

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