A Comprehensive and Honest FoodChasers App review

by Oct 18, 20150 comments

Genre : Food & Drink
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Foodchasers LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : best search, easy moving, review option
Negatives : None

Many individuals love reading dozens of restaurant reviews to assess whether or not a certain eatery is a decent place to eat. Unluckily, there are very few apps presently available for looking up restaurants and the few available ones are full of negative reviews, directing you to places you would not like to go and eat.

Fortunately, though, there is a new arrival on the iPad and iPhone App Store, dubbed FoodChasers, which lets you know about the restaurants that offer excellent services near you. The FoodChasers have been around on Instagram for quite a while now, showcasing the different restaurants people check out in their various travels.


The app’s Instagram account boasts over 55,000 followers, and comprises more than 600 restaurants and many other places to eat across twelve major cities—including Mexico. Presently, the entire database has been made available for you in the FoodChasers app to improve your food-chasing experience.

App Description

The FoodChasers app allows users to search for their favorite food with absolute ease, making them avoid wasting their precious time reading various negative reviews about different eateries. This app is great as it gives users the capacity to go on live food-chasing expedition. It provides a “visual menu” that encompasses the pictures of food, and recommends perfect places to eat and what kind of food users can find in each and every recommended eatery.

The app is designed for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch users. It requires iOS 6.0 or later and it is available for free on the App Store, with no in-app purchase or ads.

The app developers have rounded up at least 600 different eateries throughout twelve major cities and Mexico on the new application. Users will find 5-star rated eateries, food trucks, gas stations, local delis and much more. In a nutshell, the options available on the new app are infinite and you have the capacity to chase for your favorite food in different places near you.



Get yourself fed right
The new application has lined up the most exceptional food trucks, restaurants, delis and even gas stations. Users find best food in 5-star rated eateries, and the app presents its countless options in a visual menu for you to choose an extraordinary place to eat.

Make your own specific chase list
The new app encompasses the favorites feature. Users can look through the application’s reviews, and once they identify an impressive place to eat, they can add that specific location to their own personal “chase” list for later use. It includes plentiful options—such as five-star rated eateries, local delis, food trucks and even gas stations that offer great food.

Search for Good Food
Besides searching for the nearby restaurants within their current location, the new application allows users to search for various 5-star rated eateries in other (major) states and cities that are not near them. Thus, as a user, you will be able to browse through a nicely designed gallery comprising of recent categories and chases such as hamburgers, brunch, dessert, and pasta among other options.

Use Uber to get there fast
The app developers integrated their newly launched app with Uber, allowing users to get a ride straight from their hotel room to their favorite eatery where they wish to eat. Consequently, app users need not to worry when it comes to how to get to their preferred location or where to park, since Uber driver is there to do all of that for them.

Therefore, if you would not like to burden yourself with driving or looking for a nice place to park, just use the app to call an Uber driver for your Food Chasing escapades. Upon downloading the FoodChasers app, you can choose to either filter the searches to have only eateries near you or search for amusements in other states and cities—especially if you are up for an extended stroll.

Similarly, you can do a search based on your cravings for that particular moment: maybe you wish to have pasta, dessert, hamburgers, or brunch for your lunch. The new app has everything in store for you to enhance your food chasing experience. Start the download now and be part of the great FoodChasers community!

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