ABC Galaxy: Specially Made for Your Kids !!

by Jun 26, 20150 comments

Genre : Education
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Studycat Limited
Rating : 4
Positives : screens, fun, sound
Negatives : none


Mobile applications have added a new dimension to the whole learning experience for most kids today.ABC Galaxy is a unique app that has was engendered to help kids learn the alphabet. This app is the culmination of the efforts of CEO of StudyCat Limited Mateo Solares and his team. The app has a sleek and contemporary look and is festooned with auxiliary learning features that make learning the alphabet so much fun. Furthermore StudyCat limited are responsible for several other apps that are also which can be viewed on ITunes Store.


Although the free version is limited to some features, it is still an exceptional platform for learning the alphabet.ABC galaxy was released officially on the ios devices in late June ofa 2015 and is currently available for purchase in the Apple App Store.

The first two levels are grouped into ABC and DEF and each level initiates with a letter identification game. A narrator says out the name of the letter and the player must then indicate which letter the narrator mentions. For instance, players on the ABC level must properly use the touchpad to navigate a rocket that travels through space. It then will crash into the designated letters which are floating on the screen. Levels are timed and you earn more stars with regards to the speed at which you complete them.


The two player version is similar to the one player version, only that players face off against each other to determine who will hit the targets the quickest. Players use both ends of an iPad and have their own interface section on the screen with their arrows which they use to shoot. The player with the quickest times gets to win.


Study cat is a mobile programming establishment which specializes in engendering apps that can be used for kid’s learning purposes. For well over two years,Solares and his squad have been working in tandem with several school kids to design this multifaceted app. Users of this app will get to:

  • ü Master English alphabet
  • ü Learn Rudimentary phonics, spelling and reading
  • ü Learn over two hundred and fifty words and phrases



The free and paid versions were released on iOS devices (iPhone & iPad) on June 23, 2015.both entail the following

  • – Educational application.
  • – Requires iOS 6 or later.
  • – Multi language capability.
  • – Size on Disk- 40 MB.
  • – Allows for two player challenges.
  • – Ideal for those who are four years or over.

However the free version is limited to: A to F Upper and Lower case letters,42 demonstrated vocabulary words and phrases and 4 two player levels and 10 one player levels. The free app can be unlocked for a designated price of $4.99.

The paid version entails: Full alphabet capabilities from A-Z Both lower case and upper case, 208 demonstrated words and phrases and 42 one payer levels and 16 two player levels.


Overall the ABC Galaxy is really a lot of fun. The challenges and games are intriguing and will definitely capture and hold child`s attention. Although it takes a bit of practice and patience to master the game, it is a superb way for kids to learn alphabetic and phonics.

 Worth HAving App – Download the App