Aces Gin Rummy : Classic and Quirky Characters

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Platform : Android
Rating : 4.5
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Aces Gin Rummy is an application for Android, developed by Concrete Software Inc., who has already released several types of classic card games. Aces Gin Rummy is their latest app in the form of a card game and is available in the Google Playstore. It has all the features of layoffs and bonuses that are to be expected in a Gin Rummygame with a solid game play offered. The styling is Victorian era and the game has several quirky characters that make it a unique game play. The game is quite different from their other titles, such as Aces Spades and Aces Hearts. It is very creative, especially with respect to the characters.


  • The user is allowed to choose an avatar for playing the game, with 11 different characters being offered. These consist of an elegant skunk, clockwork robot or a dandy and so on.
  • You can also select the characters of several ladies, gentlemen, animals as well as robots along with the quirky characters mentioned above.
  • Even if you are new to the game of Gin Rummy, there is no need to worry. You can use the setting of EASY. Those looking for a more challenging game can set the game to HARD. In this case, you will have to watch the discards really well and plan every move carefully. You can adjust the game according to your skill levels, with the system offering the perfect setting for you.
  • Those wanting a quick game can set the Gin Rummy game to 100. However, if you want a longer game, you can customize it to 250 or even 300.
  • The scores are set according to the classic game. You get a bonus of 100 points if you win. ¬†For every hand won, you get a 20 point bonus. If you shut the opposite player out, you can get double points.
  • The version of the game is 1.0 and it is in the NOOK App format. The file size is 7 MB

The Good

Though the game is a traditional card game, there is sophistication to it with the use of Victorian styling, the hardwood and brass look. The presentation is flawless and the game play is a classic one. It is a great addition to those interested in serious card games. It is a great addition to the Aces Hearts and the Aces Spades games from the same developer. The best part is that it is possible to win against the computer in this game. The level of play can be changed as well as the character picture. The graphics are excellent as well.

The Bad

The only bad part is that it can keep you up really late into the night playing, if you consider that a fault.


Aces Gin Rummy is an awesome card game from Concrete Software Inc. that makes all other card games appearing to be just like deadwood. It is a fun and portable way to enjoy playing gin with a realistic play action for cards, great sound effects and very good prompts along with good score keeping.

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