Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps

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Genre : Education
Platform : Android | iPad | iPhone
Developer : Softmath
Rating : 4
Positives : Educational App
Negatives :

Solving math problems has been one of life’s greatest issues for decades. With the advent of technology and the attracting smart phones, students are now devoting all their time in the pursuit of fun and frolic. Thus, forgetting their educational duties. To solve this many creators came up with an educational apps that aid in education through the smart phones. Many apps came with the solution of solving math problems and giving the answers. But these apps did not prove useful as they did not validate the procedure through which they got the answers.

‘Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps’ is an app that explains to users with the steps and procedures how it came up with the solution for different math problems.

Developed by:

Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps’ was developed by ‘Softmath’

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps’ app on your phone. Now start learning the different combinations of mathematics without any hassle.this app explains to you with simplification the various ways in which one can obtain the answers for a problem. Be it algebra, trig, geometry, graphical, fractional, differentiation or others, this app has the perfect answers to your problems. It explains the solution to the sum all by step by step procedure and also explaining any difficult step and how it came to occur there. This proves to be an useful tool to have in handy while learning math.

Features of the app:

Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps’ app has many features that are listed down here.

  • Helps with learning math
  • Problem solving
  • Algebraic calculator
  • Quadratic equation calculator
  • Trigonometric calculator

Compatible with:

Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps’ app works on all Android and iOS devices.