Aliens Abducted – A Refreshing Way To Learn Geography

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Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : nicolas mendez
Rating : 4.5
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Are you having difficulties in remembering the names of the countries and their capitals? Then Aliens Abducted will be your perfect app. You will learn Geography in a different way through this app and it is both fun and entertaining. The Aliens Abducted app has been developed and launched by Bilu Games is available at the App store for the iPhone and iPad users.


In this game you have to guide three aliens who have been abducted from their home planets and are made to travel around the world to gain knowledge and conquer wisdom by journeying around our mother earth. This game has basically two different modes in which it can be played; it is the Flags Level Mode and the Flags Free Mode.

  • Flags Level Mode: In this mode you will be travelling around the world in your satellite ship which will land in some country in the world and you have to guess the name of the country from the three options that are displayed in the screen. The names of the countries will be displayed along with their respective flags. If you answer correctly you will be able to move in to the next country, and in the other case you will be losing one of your alien friends.
  • Flags Free Mode: The players have to randomly guess every country flag when they travel around the earth. An important thing to remember is that every wrong answer will cost you one life in your game.

The players will gain points and will also be able to gather stars when they complete each and every level. When the players collect 25 stars they can unlock the platform game known as the ‘Escape’. Here you can control the aliens and make them fight against the robots and gain points. The speed of the game increases as time goes by and you will come across various kinds of enemies which you have to tackle in your way. This platform game is endless which is loaded with loads of fun and is really very addictive.

  • The game has amazing and crystal clear display with vibrant colors.
  • The graphics of this game has been designed in a top notch fashion.
  • There are 32 levels in this game with has the maps and flags of more than 150 nations all around the world.
  • The app is linked with game center through which you can keep track of your scores.
  • Share your status updates about the game on the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • The Game has more than hundred animations which are handmade.
  • The app has a very attractive feature known as the ‘Library’ in which the players can learn about the countries, their maps, capitals and also their population details.


Aliens Abduction is a very interesting app through which the players can gain real knowledge and have some fun. This game is available for download from the App Store for just $ 1.99.

Good – Excellent source of knowledge.

Bad – They can include all the countries in the game which will make the app a complete guide.

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