ALLY: Social Charades game for Friends & Family

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Genre : Board
Platform : Android | iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : Play with Friends
Negatives :

Playing board games is engaging, however that is just one advantage of table game playing. There has been a significant resurgence in the prominence of table games, and for some, individuals, playing board games interfaces them with their past. Playing table games brings individuals closer, reinforces connections, and can assist you with meeting new individuals. Tabletop games can be for at least two players. The establishment of tabletop game playing is participation. It expects players to connect with by cooperation. It is the ideal method to invest energy in decent organization and fortify bonds with other individuals.

Developed by:

ALLY: Social Charades game for Friends & Family’ was created and developed by ‘Wyverin Entertainment’ as a Board game.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘ALLY: Social Charades game for Friends & Family’ app on your device. You can play this game with any number of people. This game is ideal for parties and get-togethers. The game involves having friends and enemies at the same time. While you have to carry around a deck f cards and boards wherever you travel, this app allows you to simply travel without any extra luggage for fun.

Features of the app:

ALLY: Social Charades game for Friends & Family’ has many exciting and brilliant features of which some are listed here.

  • Any number of players can play the game at a given time in a single device
  • There are over 300 categories and over 2000 words for the players to guess
  • This game is ideal for all types of gatherings like parties and family get-togethers
  • Suitable for all age people

Website :

Compatible with:

ALLY: Social Charades game for Friends & Family’ works on iOS and Android devices.

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