Alpha Quest- a word game that challenges your phonetic skills

by Jan 17, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : rikkir inc
Rating : 4
Positives : easy to use, UI, fun
Negatives : none

Love to spend time in word games? Guessing different words, trying to assemble them left to right or top to bottom within the time frame gives you a great adrenaline rush and also plenty of happiness. Word games offer a good time pass when like minded people want to play a light game on a lethargic afternoon. Word games can be played as board game, on the internet against an online opponent or even on the latest smart gadgets like i Pads and i Phones as per the convenience of the user. One such interesting game that has created a huge rage among iPhone and iPad users is the Alpha quest. It can be downloaded from the i Store for free. Here is a quick review of the Application for your interest.


The game in a nutshell

It is designed just to match your intelligence quotient and also make you think hard. The game is a fun game with multiple levels to test your endurance and capability. It is a simple word game where in you just need to tap a letter and spell a word. How far can you get depends entirely on your luck and ability. This Game has 50 wonderful levels where in your difficulty level keeps growing in the upward direction. You can win attractive prizes or bonuses at each level as an incentive. All you have to do is to tap a letter that comes to you in multiple styles or directions. Say a word quickly and power your piggy bank with points or freebies. This word play can be made more interesting by pitting against friends and checking how each of you are progressing.


Attractive features

The alpha quest comes with numerous attractive features namely:

  • easy to download and install colorful and bright graphics with mind blowing themes
  • powerful power ups that helps you to crack challenging levels easily
  • multi-player set up is available
  • check yours and friends progress in the leader board set up
  • add new friend during a game and check the progress
  • fun unlimited with a chance to learn new words in every turn.



The Alpha quest is a fun filled and brain twisting application designed exclusively for iPhone or iPad users. The biggest advantage of playing this game is that it is addictive and at the same time informative for the user who wishes to play it again and again to learn more words. Fun to challenge and play against machine where in for every turn of yours the computer plays against you fifty unimaginable levels of fun filled roller coaster ride with known and unknown words that can earn them freebies, goodies and bonus points.


This application is a nice and novel attempt to improve the thirst for language and words in people. Many who have even forgotten simple English words and their spelling will feel connected with the language after playing the game. If one has to list the disadvantages of this game, it has to be the list of supplementary gifts and payment features as they divert the attention of the player. To feel relieved, you can switch off this feature and still play the game


The Alpha quest is a simple and free game that can be played anywhere by anyone. All one needs is an iPhone6 and they can download the game and play it to the fullest. A word play that helps you to learn and improve your linguistic abilities is the Alpha quest. Similar to cross word, sudoku and other word games, this game too have a spark that attracts players in one go and make them addictive. Way to go Alpha quest!

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