Amazing Simon Slot Games Review

by Dec 13, 20150 comments

Genre : Casino
Platform : Android
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, fun, screens
Negatives : none

Simon slots games are among the digital games found by Blue Crystal Labs,Inc to provide you with a means of mobile entertainment. It is a guaranteed professional and friendly game which is constantly being updated. The latest update being on December,4,2015.It is a slot game only accessible to android users of 2.3.3 and up but has a current version of 1.9.298 which can be downloaded from Google play store. It has lots of amazing features that will make you have a different experience, lots of fun, full of challenges with a lot of twists that you will definitely not be disappointed in our app.


With it comes various features that will enable you enjoy as you play these games. These features include;

  1. .Embed with top-tier graphics which are fascinating to use
  2. A platform in which you can send goodies to your friends and families
  3. Exchange platforms for exchanging credits
  4. Spin tall wilds with a spin button
  5. Multiple and different kind of shapes including the famous cherry
  6. Presence of symbols which are scattered which will enable you to be given more freer spins
  7. Fix on bugs which might come up while playing
  8. Automatically additional capabilities having the Mega Rhyme Lines
  9. New Zen Mode for play which enable you play with no difficulties
  10. The games also have new machine which can be searched for Sherlock Search


Simon slots games apart from its amazing features are also packed with many advantages. These are just the many advantages one can experience;

  1. Simon slots game offers you a variety of different slot games to choose from which you can enjoy playing with family and friends and gatherings and especially taking advantage of holiday seasons, not mentioning the fact that new additional slot games are constantly added for you to enjoy more
  2. The games have wonderful perks in which there are free credit offers and bonuses
  3. Relatively cheap as there is no internet connection required
  4. Pressing the spin button also enables you to auto play
  5. Can be played on different platforms, an example is the PC, tablet’s and on mobile devices
  6. Our customer can also play anywhere, anytime at their own convenience and comfort

Tips of how to play: focus your attention to the patterns which are fast moving hence matching tiles after you spin exercising your memory to the best of your ability.


To our esteemed current and future users, this is definitely the slot games to download on your android devices. Our big size of 68Million customers and motivating number of between 5000-10000 installs, with a rating of 12+ and a public recommendation of over 25 users of Google+(G+),this should evidence us as the right and appropriate game apps to download and you as the user being optimistic about enjoying our app as we continue to award you with credits.

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