American Dream : World Domination in Your Hands

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Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : 1337 LLC
Rating : 4.5
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Have you had a childhood dream to visit America- a nation that stood for freedom, opportunities and the epitome of civilization. American Dream is based on this nation, a great nation that many have wanted to be a part of sometime in their lives.

The iOS app American Dream is about domination of America. You begin as a simple scout and make your way up the ladder t the rank of the President.. You take over all the wealth and riches that the country holds and control them and the huge population of the nation with bright white smiles. Hold the highest post in the White House and make use of the power and influence to get all you have wanted all of your life long.

What’s more, you get totall control over the huge American army, which boasts of being the largest in all the world. You can set their next goal for them and take over all you wish with your power. All you have to do is to group together similar objects in threes or more and rise up the ladder of world domination to fulfill your long dream. The recognition of your dream is not far away. You just have to work a bit for it.

The iOS app American Dream has great features to keep you engaged. It has exclusive music in the background to set the mood for you. There are 20 characters, each with an amazing story that is sure to take you in awe. The stories are quite fascinating and make you want to go ahead and grab your dream. There is good humor too so as to tickle your funny bone throughout the game for nothing does it like a little laugh now and then. And the app comes with Retina support so that it is compatible with your iOS devices. This ensures that you have no truble with graphics at all.

Besides these features, the app is very bright and colorful. It incorporates the theme of America very well and is very attractive to look at. The cartoons and caricatures have been given quite some thought by the developers so as to make them eye catching, cool and fun. As the game is an international one, it come sin 5 different languages including Russian, English, German, French and Italian. Although the game is hailed to have crude humor that has been used profanely and mild sexual content, it is quite within the limits and does not cross its limits in any way.

So, if you have had a dream to take over America, the biggest superpower today, then go ahead and realize this dream with this exciting app American Dream. The seat of the President of America awaits your arrival. You just have to fight a bit and get to the top of world domination. The satisfaction that you will get at the end of this game is unparalleled by any other app game that has been created by any other developer.

Good: Excellent and creative characters

Bad: None

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