Angry Dooby Lite – Physics Based iPad Game

by May 15, 20120 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad
Rating : 4.5
Positives :
Negatives :


Angry Dooby lite is a casual game where you create a smiley face dooby and blow it up to increase the size. There is an Angry Dooby which will be jealous of your creations. You can keep creating smiling doobies but they will aim to destroy them all. There are few angry doobies which will appear in different levels. For example, the Spike Dooby will damage the Charming Dooby when it hits five times on your creations. The Bomb Dooby will explode and destroy the surroundings.

The Lightning Dooby will blow up the charming doobies which are very close to its rays. The Magnetic Dooby will appear during the creation of the Charming Dooby and will get attracted towards it and glue itself with them. Once a angry dooby hits the Charming Dooby, the Charming Dooby will be destroyed. You only have three lives per level so you need to be quick and decisive on where to grow your Charming Dooby.

There is an Area Indicator to show how far you are close to the objective. Once the space is filled up with most of your Charming Doobies, you will win the game. This game is a simple casual game but the characters look the same each time you enter a new level.

Initially, I do not know how to proceed with this game. After I read the instructions, I then know how to play this game. The disadvantage of this game is that the Charming Doobies are same in the next level and you cannot differentiate them. The different Angry Doobies only appear in the later stages. For beginners, I will suggest them to read the tutorial before starting to play this game. Once you get to the basics of the gameplay, you will start to enjoy the game. Although it is a simple game, the physics of escaping the Angry Dooby is fun. You get satisfaction when the Angry Dooby cannot reach you. I believe this game can be improved further by adding obstacles or walls to prevent the Angry Dooby to reach the Charming Dooby. The developer can modify the battle scene to make this game even more fun.

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