AppLock Face/ Voice Recognition App: Highly Advanced and Effective

by Jul 25, 20160 comments

Genre : Tools
Platform : Android
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, safety
Negatives : none

When it comes to matters of security especially in mobile devices, this cannot be taken for granted. This is because phones are known to contain highly confidential information that entails personal data, financial reports and even documents and files. Such information need to be highly protected at whatever cost to avoid any access from intruders or any third party.

Thus, what about making use of facial appearance and voice as a form of security access? This sounds quite interesting! This technique can uniquely identify only the user of the device thus ensuring that the phone’s privacy is highly guarded. With the recent update of the AppLock Face/ Voice Recognition app, the users stand a great chance to apply the use of biometric technologies in ensuring that their phone remains safe. It is high time to keep intruders away with this amazing app!

How the AppLock Face/ Voice Recognition app operates

The user of this great app will realize how simple it is to operate it. This app comes with three unique unlock phrases for the voice where one can pre-select one of them. Meanwhile, an individual can opt to create a customized unlock phrase. The next step involves the user enrolling the voice and face using the pre-selected or customized phrase. This is done while directly looking at the phone. Once the phrase has been integrated, the user can proceed to select the apps to be protected and the level of security to be applied. One will note that there are two modes of security levels:

· TrulySecure mode

This mode applies especially for the apps that require high level of privacy. At this point, the user can apply both voice and face security features to protect such apps.


· Convenience Mode

On the other hand, this unique mode of security can be applied to apps which are not highly prone to risk. Thus, one can either use the voice or face when unlocking such apps. Interestingly, the application is quite effective and responsive.

When it comes to functionality, AppLock Face/ Voice Recognition app is quite effective especially when one tries to open an app. At first, a pop up window will be opened where the app will check through the individual’s face as it also listens to the secret phrase for unlocking the phone from the voice. Once such verifications are accurately made, it takes a flicker of a second for the protected apps to open.

How is this process made possible without errors? This is because this great app applies the use highly advanced biometric technology and algorithms that take into account high accuracy levels. A tip? The more an individual uses this app, the more it get acquainted to that particular face and voice thus becoming more reliable!


Compatible Devices for AppLock Face/ Voice Recognition app

It is clear that this great app has taken into account high quality formation, a fact that makes it to exhibit exceptional performance. In order to continually perform its operations in the best way possible, it functions effectively on high-performing devices. Thus, it is best suited for Android devices from version 4.0.3 or any latest available. A well-functioning operating system can also improve its performance.

Below are some of the unique features that one will discover from the AppLock Face/ Voice Recognition app:

Practical guidelines for use provided

To ensure that one gets acquainted with this amazing app, the user is taken through a series of steps on how to get started with the security procedures. An individual is actually exposed to a learning experience both for the face and voice settings. This includes the process of creating customized unlock phrases. Everything is made much easier after learning!

Enroll easily and quickly 

How is enrolling the voice and face done with this app? Apparently, one has to choose a pre-selected unlock phrase offered by the app (they are about three options available). Meanwhile, the user can create a syllable phrase and apply it for the voice option.

When performing the online screening, it is critical to ensure that the environment is calm and bright. This is meant to ensure that the image of face captured is visible and clear. For the phrase selected, the user needs to repeat them about three times to ensure that it has been perfectly captured.


Boost security with a backup

This is meant to act as an alternative means that the user can access the phone. Apparently, in this app, the backup can be created in form of a password, a PIN or a pattern. With the backup, there will always be an alternative way to access the protected content in a convenient manner.

Great user-interface design

This great app from Sensory TrulySecure developers has adopted a high quality design. Apparently, the material design is quite sleek and attractive in a manner that it appears unique and appealing. The adoption of user-friendly features such as customized unlock phrases makes it easy and fun to use.

New Features? 

In this version 2.0.2-b75 of the AppLock Face/ Voice Recognition app, some of the new features that have been incorporated include editing and viewing of enrollment, highly improved recognition for voice and face, custom unlock phrase and security levels (Convenience Mode and TrulySecure Mode).

Here are the Pros and Cons of AppLock Face/ Voice Recognition app:


· User-friendly ; easy to learn and use

· Efficient in recognizing both voice and face

· Great security guaranteed from the security levels

· Flexible; a chance to edit different enrolments to new ones

· Absolutely reliable especially after continuous use


· Infrequent performance for voice recognition feature

· Unable to capture intruder’s image each time one tries to access it.

Final Verdict

From the above review, it is clearly justified that this AppLock Face/ Voice Recognition is a top-rated app. It has displayed exceptional performance in boosting the level of security. With a 4+ star rating, it has proven to be an app worth downloading. Get it today for absolutely free at Google Play and get covered from intruders!

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