AppValley App Installer for iOS Devices

by Mar 29, 20190 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : AppValley
Rating : 4
Positives : simple, UI
Negatives : none

It has been more than 11 years now that the iOS was first unveiled before the paying public as the operating system of choice in the first iPhone of Apple. Since then iOS has piled on improvement after improvement and brought out a new version almost at the rate of one every year. Recently, we saw the launch of the iOS 12. Let us first look at some the features this latest version has.

 Features of latest iOS 12:

  • Memoji’s are available
  • Ability to make live adjustments while clicking pictures in bokeh mode.
  • The screen lock notifications come to you neatly stacked in groups by app or sender. This makes navigation much easier.
  • There are shortcuts provided to the virtual assistant Siri.
  • Impressive use of artificial intelligence that increases in effectiveness with continued use.
  • The animations of the phone seem to be faster than before.
  • The Do Not Disturb time slots can be input into the phone so you needn’t do it every day.
  • Usage statistics are available on the ‘Screen Time’ section in ‘Settings’.
  • This also allows you to precondition the maximum amount of time spent on each category of app.
  • Siri has been made more useful by suggesting things to us which would be good for you (like calling back on a number we missed a call from some time back.
  • Also, Siri has been made available to third-party app developers.
  • You can make group calls of up to 32 people at a time.

Why to Download AppValley?

Though you will get number of specification and apps on your latest iOS device, but AppValley can compensate the needs to your favorite tweaked, ++ apps and modified games, those you will not get from the App Store. That is why we are showing you the way to download AppValley, a third-party app installer following few simple steps on your latest iOS 12 devices.

How to Install AppValley(Regular) on iOS12:

This is the process you need to follow for installing the free version of AppValley download. The installation procedure would only work on Safari browser. Use the browser to open the link and click/tap on ‘Install’. On the ‘Install Profile’ page, you would need to again click on ‘Install’ for a second time. The progress of the installation procedure would be shown on the home page of your phone. After the installation has been completed, the AppValley icon is displayed on the homepage. When you tap on the icon for the first time, it will ask your confirmation to trust the developer of that app, which you need to say yes to. You will get this option when you go into ‘Settings’ and then check the ‘Profiles and Devices’ section.In case you have second thoughts after downloading or installing AppValley, you can delete the app from your phone very easily.

How to Install AppValleyVIP on iOS 12:

The paid version of AppValley comes with several beneficial features for you. First, the number of tweaked or modified games or social media apps or any other application is much higher than in the free version. Second, this version has much greater stability and is a much more reliable version. You are paying for it, so you don’t need to tolerate any advertisements. Once you sign up for the paid version, you would get free access to a large number of apps and games.