Aquator- A Shooter Game with Adventure

by Aug 13, 20130 comments

Platform : iPhone
Developer : KiWi Games
Rating : 4
Positives : Superb graphics and easy controls
Negatives : Banner ads and lack of in-app purchases

Aquator, an iOS app developed by Software Solutions & Technologies AG, is both engaging and exciting. It has a fun gameplay and some superb graphics combined with fun for free. The characters designs are awesome and adorable indeed. You get to be the superhero in this game and save the world.

The storyline behind the game is quite fascinating. There are AquaMonsters who kidnap baby fishes and teach them bad habits like eating with dirty fins and digging their noses. You, with the help of the Aquator, have to help in the onerous task of protecting them. This submarine has been equipped with powerful cannons, a super bomb and a shooter gun. You must help steer this ship and destroy the AquaMonsters.

The controls of this game are fairly simple. You have to tilt your device from side to side to navigate. There is a shooter gun that continuously fires bullets so that you do not have to keep tapping the screen to shoot. If you are in a tight position, then you simply have ot press the bomb button at the bottom to destroy all the creatures on the screen at that time. You also have many power-ups to boost your power, weapons and increase your firepower.


There are fishes with varying capabilities. The big bosses fire back at you. Beware and dodge their bullets. With the simple controls and gameplay, it is a fun game for just everybody. While it is easy to learn, mastering it is not as easy. You can also pause the game at any time and increase or decrease the sensitivity of the tilt.

This iOS app is about are superb graphics and simple gameplay. You have to steer your ship along narrow pathways and save the underwater world. There are banner ads at the screen top, which are a bit disappointing and annoying at times. Besides, they also prove to be a source of distraction often. Even with the simple controls, the game is quite challenging. It is quite engaging and will keep you hooked for a good while indeed.

The future of the underwater world is in danger and it is in your hands to save it with the Aquator bathyscape from the rage of the AquaMonsters. With its simple gameplay, it is an easy game to learn. It does get repetitive after some time though. A few more features would help make the game more engaging and diverse. There are no in-app purchases either to move on to higher levels.

This free game requires iOS 6.0 or later and has been optimized for the iPhone 5. It is indeed an addictive simple game with an interesting storyline, great graphics and simple gameplay. It will challenge your coordination and test your timing skills. This is quite like the classic shooter games but with a unique twist. If you have some time to kill and wish to stay engaged, then Aquator is a fun exciting app to do this. Go ahead and save the underwater world.

Good: Superb graphics and easy controls

Bad: Banner ads and lack of in-app purchases

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