Askers – Ask Questions Please !

by Nov 18, 20160 comments

Genre : Social
Platform : Android
Developer : TheAskers Inc
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, simple to use
Negatives : none

Everyone has some questions in their mind and they put themselves in a dilemma whether to ask questions from anyone or not. They hesitate to ask the question and get afraid of asking. Do you know who don’t ask the questions at the right time is considered as a fool forever. If you are brave enough to ask good questions, then you can get success in your life as well as build your career.

Great questions deserve great rewards. “ If you ask questions in the right way, you can get anything you want.” Today I’m going to give you the right address where you can ask questions freely, share answers and get paid also. It is called “ Askers” app on Google Play.

Askers have been offered by the Askers Inc. It is compatible with any Android Smartphone having latest versions of the Operating System. This app is available only in the United States Of America.

Do you want to become famous in a few minutes like a celebrity? Askers give you this opportunity if you are well accomplished. In Askers, if you ask good questions, you are rewarded financially by your questions. For example- if you have a dream to ask a popular novelist to talk about her new character, a renowned singer to sing a song and much more, you can fulfil it through Askers. It is the new way to explore with remarkable people. They will not respond in text, but in their own voices, recorded especially for only you!

When you put a question to someone you admire and the answer has been uploaded, then you may need to pay a fee to receive the answer. It depends on whom you ask the question. You have to pay just 33 cents to hear a voice answer and you can replay it anytime.


The answer you receive will be shared with everyone, and you will be paid 10 cents for every listen. Isn’t is cool? So, make your questions more interesting to grab more listeners. You can share your questions, answers and profiles on the social media and invite your friends to join you and spread their words.

The display of the app is highly defined. The colours are amazing. You can customize the themes of the app according to your taste. Everything is managed from questions to answers. Anyone can like the question and give comments.

All in all, Askers are a new way to shine yourself and become a limelight in the audience. It is simple, fast and effective. It strives to extend your impact regardless of your profession.Askers helps to share your knowledge and opinion in your own voice. So, grow your income and get rewards!

Askers offer free listening for a limited time. You can try it out. Download the app today and ask questions, get paid!

PROS: Ask questions; listen answers; follow and share; get paid; enhance knowledge; free.

CONS: not available in India.

Worth Having App – Download the App