Asva The Monkey HD : A Game Meant to Rock your Brain

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Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
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Are you a fan of mazes and puzzles? If you enjoy racking your brains over these, then you might enjoy helping out Asva the Monkey in finding out the way to his home. You have to solve the maze puzzles to help Asva find his way. This has to be done over a span of six magical worlds that have an aggregate of 90 puzzles. Asva the Monkey HD is a wonderful iOS app that will keep gamers busy.

The graphics of the game are sharp and very crisp. It is very easy to play. To keep you stuck to the game, there are three different gameplay modes for players. The screens take a while to load and the game lags at times. The three modes are unique and interesting- namely survival, endless and story. In Story, you will be taken through all the levels one after the other. You just have to unlock each to get to the next level. In the Endless mode, there are endless continuous challenges thrown at you. In the survival mode, there are many puzzles that you have to complete in a single life that you get to live.

To play the game, you simply have to swipe your finger across the screen. The aim of the game is to collect all watermelons in every level and get hold of the spinning blue diamond that you get in the end. Sounds really simple, doesn’t it? But once you begin playing, it isn’t that simple. With each progressive level, the game gets all the more challenging. So much that you cannot give up on it and will remain glued to it.

To make things less simple, there are a few simple rules that you are expected to follow. You are allowed only to turn left or right and move forward. Movements backward and diagonal turns are not allowed. To attain victory, you have to pass through all the tiles so as o collect your crystal. You lose if Asva falls into a hole or if you cannot make any further moves left for you to possibly make.

At the start of each new level, you can purchase the items that you could need to help you proceed further. There is a dash if you wish to jump the first five steps, undo to make it back to your last step and a flash to get you a glimpse into solving the puzzle. To purchase these, you need to trade the watermelons you collect on each level or you could even use real money to buy these at the store. With each level that you complete, you earn three rubies, based on how well you complete it. You can share your score on Facebook and Game Center as the app is integrates with the two.

The images are colorful and bright and the worlds have a great amount of details. To relax you, there is also traditional background music played on Cambodian instruments, which gives a unique fervor to the game altogether. The game is very enterprising and is for those who truly love solving puzzles.

Good: Interesting storyline with superb images and graphics that are addictive

Bad: The app lags at times and can take long to load for certain pages.

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