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I’m sure that anyone in the audience would love to hear to audio books. There are so many jaw-breaking stories that can beat your breathe. With a narrator telling the story, we can sense the suspense to the core. To be genre specific, our favorites are science fiction and horror, but there are so many creative writing works that it isn’t easy to ignore one. For such huge audio books fans like us, there has been a release of a new android app, or more precisely a service.

We are talking about the new Android app, Audiobooks for Android. As we stated, it is not an app rather a service in terms of definition. is the official website of the application owners. So, when you open up the app from your android device, it will rather open up the web page on your phone. But the site has been adapted to be similar in navigation to an app on the phone. There is a no. of tabs for search and play options. You can easily search for your audio books with title name, authors, genre, etc.

The app allows the users to play the audio books on live streaming as well as you can download the files on your phone and play them offline. But you can only download a maximum of two files at one time. One of the smart features of the app is device syncing. If you log in to your account on your phone device and then open the same account on your PC, then all the updates will be present there. For example, if you have saved some files on your android device, you will see them present on your PC as well. Even you can play the file from the same place where you left off on your phone.

With smart navigation tools, the app doesn’t pose the difficulty of a website at all. You will feel the same smoothness and to the point content. There are more than 15000 audio books in their library and with constant updating content; you will never be reaching the limit to the fun. But there are a few related problems to the app. First, the app keeps on running in the background all the time and you will have to force shut down it every time. That’s a little bit irritating. Also, sometimes the app resumes the file a little ahead from where it was paused.

The app is available for free but if you want unlimited subscription to all the audio books on the website, it costs $24.95/month. A 7 day free trial is also available for checking out whether the concept suits you or not.

We mostly liked the app. If you are travelling or are always busy outside your home, it is a good option to switch to this app. It costs nothing and adds a lot of options to your menu. We will recommend you to take a look at this one, at least once!

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