AZZL: Must Have Entertaining Game !

by Sep 29, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Jutiful Ltd
Rating : 4
Positives : animation, UI, sound
Negatives : None

AZZL iPhone app, a uniquely beautiful and fun animation game puzzle. It is exclusively available in App store. However, it’s optimized for the iPhone and iPad devices. This game is suitable for users of any age group. AZZL App features unique animation, loveable characters and brilliant artwork that can turn a day to the most exciting with endless solving of puzzles.It is an innovative game play that is very engaging, exciting and full of fun.



-The AZZL app features a combination of cartoons including mobile games that gives you an opportunity to complete diverse puzzles that are within animated cartoons. All you need to do is just to tap, move, swipe, rotates the broken parts of an animated cartoon. They are made-up of zigzags, hexagons, circles, triangles, waves, squares and much more to make the parts whole again.

-You will be in a position to explore a beautiful map that consists of different themed worlds filled with hilarious characters including fun puzzles. The completion of all of them gives way to the unlocking of a super secret world that makes the other worlds seem normal. There are many emotional and fun cartoon puzzles and stories to finish. Also, you will get a chance to unleash many secrets on your way.


-The app is incredibly appealing to view. It has unique artwork including animated visuals that are reminiscent of the Disney films.

-There are so many things to occupy your mind here. With the 100 emotional and humorous cartoon stories that are full of fun puzzles to be completed and a series of secrets to unleash, the fun get more and more exciting.

-Get everything that the app offers for single prices with no IAP in sight. The AZZL is the premium title that offers a premium experience.

How to AZZL using your I device.

-Move by simply patting the screen to begin.

-Look wherever is very exciting and interesting.

-Remember that the more you will less, the wide the skinny.


1. It works with just any finger.

2.Is gluten free.

3. An innovative gameplay.

4.Puzzles are unique and diverse.

5. Automatic pretence.

6. Based on real life fantasies.

7.Almost 100 cartoon stories.

8.Various secrets to be unearthed.

9. Characters who rustle in the user’s mind.

10.New teehee each day.

11.In-application purchases absent.


The AZZL App requires the iOS 7.0 or even later. However, it is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and the iPod touch with a 464 MB.

The cons of the app

-It is compatible with any I device including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

-An innovative gameplay full of puzzles.

– 100 cartoon stories.

-It is user-friendly, i.e., easy to use.

-Suitable for all age groups.

AZZL is a beautiful artwork full of animated visuals of the Disney films. There are loads of cartoon stories and puzzles to be completed. Also, the secrets make it more exciting to unearth. The app can manage the frustration, entertainment and the delight of its users at the same time. Download the app using your iPhone or iPad now to enjoy the cartoon stories, puzzles and secrets.

Worth Having App – Download the App