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Genre : Lifestyle
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4.5
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About the app and the developer

B-Book is a ‘special’ contacts manager for adults who are ready to mingle, and very successful at doing so. Being a Casanova or a Femme Fatale requires a certain degree of personality, skill, motivation, and presence of mind.  And when you are juggling with multiple partners, it could become embarrassing, not to mention downright risky, you are unable to relate a name to a pretty face, which you are sure you met, and spent ‘private’ time with.

B-Book, which stands for Booty Book, does not claim to help you develop magnetic powers to attract new partners, but it can certainly help make your love, and sex life easier by sorting and organizing your ‘prospective’ as well as ‘conquered’ interests, within an easy-to-use interface.


App Usage and features

When you launch the app for the first time, you need to create an account, which will just take a few seconds. You just need to create a username and provide an email address (You can easily set up a free email account to specifically manage your private activities). Once you are done, you can get to the process of adding all your ‘private’ contacts.

The first step to organizing your secret life, is to feed all the contacts that you know of, along with their details, into B-Book. When you add a new contact, the app lets you classify the contact either as a “prospect” or a “bedmate”. Once you have added all your contacts under each category, you can start adding the details for each contact.  For each of your contacts, you can now start building a profile by adding various details:

Met Info : Where you met, When, Location, Mutual Friends if any, and an option to add your personal notes or comments for your own reference

Contact Info: Cell phone & Home Phone numbers, Home address, email address, Facebook ID, Skype, and more

More Info: Age, Ethnicity, Hotness quotient, Height, Birthday, Hair type, Eyes, Body Type, Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes, Sexual Performance rating and more

* For each of the three fields above, you also have the option of adding additional custom text fields.

Got Love : If you have managed to get really intimate with this person, you can hit the ‘Got Love’ icon. Every time you click it, the ticker goes up by one, and you know how often or not you are ‘Getting love’ from this person

History : A list of your ‘Got Love’ history, plus any planned meetups that you may have added. You can also set notifications for a planned meetup.

Prospects can be sorted Alphabetically, By Date Added, and Alert level. Bedmates however, can be sorted by all of the three options above and by Most or least meet-ups.

As far as the Privacy quotient is concerned, the app allows a variety of good options to make sure that your ‘private contacts” remain secure. For starters, the app is disguised as a Mobile Banking App with a dollar sign for an icon, Nobody is ever likely to suspect anything, unless they are using it themselves. Secondly, you can protect your profile with a personal pass code to avoid any accidental opening by others. Thirdly, for each contact you can set a fake caller ID. Last, but an important privacy measure, is that the contacts you add to B-Book, are stored within B-Book, and do not get mixed up with your phone contacts.


Appearance, Interface and Functionality :

The app layout and design is simple, and deploys a pink background, in line with the intended purpose. Functionality and text input is smooth and transitions between screens is fast. Not too much in  terms of graphic appeal here, but then the intended audience is likely to care less about graphic appeal, and more about ease of use and privacy. Considering it is a free app, it would be unfair to expect too many visual frills. First time users should not have any trouble setting up their database, as all options are quite self-explanatory. Overall, the app delivers its intended purpose nicely, and should more than meet expectations of those who need to use it.

B-Book is available as free download from the AppStore, and is compatible with the iPhone 3GS upwards and the iPad, running at least iOS 4.0 or above.

This is an adult app, and you need to be at 17 years or older to download this app.

What’s good:

  • Ease of use
  • Privacy Mode, and ability to add fake Caller ID to contacts
  • Delivers what it promises

What can be better:

  • Home Screen icon can be a more sober colour ( Banking apps icons are seldom pink)

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