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There is one very special thing about welcoming a new family member into your house. With all the excitement and joy that rents the air, one of the things that every parent wants to do is to name their baby. However, this task is not as easy as it sounds. There is such a plethora of options available and you imagine and expect so much from your baby that putting it all into one word is too hard a task to accomplish. And you don’t want to make a wrong choice with this for your child shall be known the world over all his life by the name you then give him.

To help parents with this huge task and to make their work easier, has launched the Baby Names app. This iPhone app has catchy and trendy names that you, as a parent, would like to give to your baby. You no longer have to ask a hundred people for suggestions as you will find a wide variety here to choose from. These names have been put together from a large number of hospitals all over the country by Bounty and have been uploaded on a database for parents to see. All you have to do is browse through the many name options available and select one for yourself.

You might think a lot about naming your baby with the latest and most trendy names. You have the options of looking up lists on books, newspapers and magazines but these lists have outdated names that are over a year old. Baby Names by Bounty is here to help you with this menace by offering you the 100 most famous names that are updated with the latest from the last couple of weeks. If you wish to come by random names on the lists of names, then you just have to shake your iPad or iPhone and you will get a random name from the list. This way, you will come by random names that you can choose from; getting all the help you need you need to select a name for your sweet baby.

If you prefer to choose a name that is well-known and heard of in your locality, then this app will even help you out there. Baby Names app will enlist all the most popular names in your area for you, based on your county or region. You can get the latest and most common names or even go for the more rare and unusual ones. You will find all of them in this app and can make a choice as per your wish. The names have also been enlisted as per alphabetical order and you can look up the names under a particular letter alone.

And if you are not very sure about the choices you make, you can select a few names and share them with others via Twitter or Facebook. You can ask those close to you for opinion and get some help this way in which ones to avoid and which ones to select. You can also look up the origin of names on this database. You even get the names of boys and girls separately.

Good: This app is available for free with the latest updated names.

Bad: Choosing  a single name from this large a database can get very hard for some.

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