Baby’s Brilliant – Your Baby’s Digital Mentor

by Jul 23, 20150 comments

Genre : Education
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Teaching Baby LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, graphics, concept
Negatives : none

Baby’s Brilliant your Baby’s Digital Mentor written by: razerd Baby’s Brilliant-your baby’s digital mentorBaby’s brilliant is a educational app for babies and toddlers where you can teach your babies about the world around them in an entertaining way. The app has a very animated presentation that will capture your babies attention so that they don’t loose interest in learning. Baby’s brilliant is an iOS app for your iPhone and iPad which educates your baby with entertaining short movies mostly narrated by children, videos and music from some of the worlds best composers like Vivaldi,Mozart and Bach. The app is educational and playful at the same time. Now you can teach babies and toddlers can get brilliant in a more joyful way.

The enriching educational movies of the Baby’s brilliant app will help your baby to learn about colors, animal names while they can enjoy its animation. The babies can also learn about the concepts of numbers and letters in the app. It has the children’s favorite ABC song and songs about animals and transportation.Your kid will love to watch the videos over and over The app provides fun learn environment for your baby where they engage to learning with fun. It is the best digital learning platform for your young ones. . Now you can just scroll in your iPad and take a step to take your little ones to brilliance.The app also features Read Along Story for kids who cannot read. The Book is narrated by a mother and is highly orchestrated.

We know that music is the best way to increase your baby’s coordination as well as social skills. Music also helps your children’s memory growth. The app has a music library which comprises of animated children song to classical music and religious song as well as lullabies. Now you can help your little loved ones to relax and sleep with its large Night Lights collection. The Night Light is a collection of classical music, gentle videos and lullabies that will take your baby to a calm sleep.The app also allows you to customize your playlist in the order you want to play your selection. Also by using the shuffle feature you can rearrange the playlist order automatically. The app also comes with a loop function so that you can control the screen time length up to 90 minutes.

This awesome app is definitely designed to understand every need of mother and motherhood. It is an awesome way to keep your little ones busy and stimulated at the same time. The app will enhance your babies overall development. The app is created by a mother so it covers all the aspects of baby’s mental development.The apps is available to sound in various languages like Chinese and Spanish. If you are looking for a app that can entertain your baby and teach that at the same time then Baby’s Brilliant is the app for you.You can download the app for free from iTunes.The app is free for three downloads and after that additional downloads costs you 99 cents.

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