Balloon Ninja – Entertaining way to pass time

by Apr 3, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Space Crescent LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : fun, graphics, UI
Negatives : none

Balloon Ninja— a new and entertaining way to pass the time, is now offered on both iPhones and iPads. The object of Balloon Ninja is to press and pop the different coloured balloons on the screen. Each colour represents something different; whether that be points or challenges. There are eight different coloured balloons: dark blue balloons award you one hundred points, purple balloons award you two hundred points, green balloons award you four hundred points, orange balloons award you five hundred points, yellow balloons award you seven hundred points, light blue balloons award you eight hundred points, and red balloons award you the highest number of points— one thousand points. However, there are also black balloons which should be avoided as they subtract five hundred points from your total number of points. Gamers need to make sure to pop all balloons except these black ones, for if one floats away before gamers have the chance to pop it, they lose one out of a starting total of three lives.


In addition to these coloured balloons that offer points, there are also four red balloons that offer challenges to the game. The red balloon with the tornado icon increases the speed which the balloons appear for ten seconds. Although this gives gamers the opportunity to win a substantial amount of points in a limited amount of time, it does make the game rather challenging. The red balloon with the lightening bolt icon darkens the screen with rain for ten seconds, making it a little harder to see the balloons rising from the bottom of the screen. The red balloon with the bomb icon is the ultimate one that every gamer should avoid; if the gamer accidentally pops this balloon the game is over, no chance of revival. However, the one red balloon with the ninja icon offers no challenges, it simply rewards gamers with an extra life; this is the one red balloon every gamer wants to make sure they pop every time. This balloon gives gamers the chance to collect a number of lives and advance to the higher levels while still making a couple mistakes.


The Balloon Ninja app offers a number of challenging levels and with each of these levels the speed of the game increases significantly. Once gamers hit level ten, they are popping close to fifty balloons a minute, if not more. As well, once gamers hit level five, each level alternates between a dark nighttime background and a light daytime background. The darker nighttime background becomes especially challenging when paired with the lightening bolt icon. Although each level offers a different number of challenges, gamers are able to receive points for overall achievements, such as acquiring five lives in a single game or surviving ten tornados. Gamers then have the option to review all their accomplishments in the achievements board of the app. Gamers also have the ability to review their challenges as well as their leadership boards.


Overall, the Balloon Ninja app offers a good mix between both fun and challenging while also keeping gamers on their feet. Although gamers face many challenges with every level, it is still possible to reach high scores and advance to new levels while also receiving praise for the challenges that they have successfully completed. This makes Balloon Ninja a unique and energetic app that is suitable for users of all ages. With these attributes, Balloon Ninja is continuing to grow in popularity— perhaps becoming the next big gaming app.

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