Become a Drone Lander Pro By Locating Target Points Using Flying Drones

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Genre : Games
Platform : Android
Developer : sysreb
Rating : 4
Positives : Graphics, Colors, adventure
Negatives : none

The thrill of high speed flying in the sky can be indeed adventurous and fascinating. What makes the experience more interesting is the power of controlling a high-flying drone till it is able to later make a perfect landing at the specific target point. With Drone Lander app game, this entire momentous experience can be made real in a great way. Actually, this intuitive and user-focused game available for mobile devices is designed with the aim of boosting the control skills of different players. Besides, with the integration of an amazing platform, this game ensures the entire display is well tailored to the game. Clearly, a great moment awaits the player as the drone picks its flight over different skyscrapers on the verge of spotting the landing point circle!

How the Drone Lander app game operates

The first step into the game is selecting the drone that will be used to locate the landing point. Once the drone is launched, the player can apply the use of different control features in managing the speed, acceleration and even altitude. This is meant to ensure that different objects on the way have been avoided and landing point reached in a safe manner.

More so, there are rewards that come with making a landing with great precision; the bonus gold. These earnings are essential because they help the user to unlock different drones that can boost the overall performance gained. Additionally, the flight journey is long; thus getting a high-charged battery will ensure that the game is well completed.



Some of the evident features that one will discover from the Drone Lander app game include:

Engaging and challenging levels

A game that tests the players’ skills and experience is absolutely worth it. Drone Lander app game not only entertains the players but also gives them an opportunity to learn by completing different available levels. By the time the player has tackled over 45 levels available, this opens a chance to become a pro!

Captivating and Nice aerial view

The Drone Lander app game has consistently focused on improving the overall display and view so that its users can have a great experience. The high quality graphic that present a resolution of more than 720 x 1280 makes the skyscrapers and other animations appear fantastic and well-presented.

Unique drone models to unlock

How is the process of acquiring new drones facilitated? Apparently, the player will be required to have earned enough bonus gold during the game play so that they can be used to unlock and launch new drones. Interestingly, the new drones tend to possess high capabilities thus making them efficient in landing on the targeted points.

Obstacles around; keep watch

As the player is monitoring the flying drone, it is critical to note that the entire journey to the landing point is not a joyride. Actually, there are lots of different obstacles on the way which makes the entire encounter challenging. The player needs to ensure that the drone has been deviated promptly to avoid hitting them and crashing. This can lead to untimely end of the game!


Great Background music and sound effects

During the gameplay, the background music emanating from the game keeps the entire gaming session entertaining and lively. Besides, the sound effects are of high quality and well tailored to the theme of the game. Thus, the player should expect a totally amazing experience when using this fantastic app!

Compatibility of Drone Lander app

When it comes to compatibility, Android devices (version 2.3 or later) are recommended in order to ensure that the performance is enhanced. This can also ensure that great output is achieved.

Pros and Cons of Drone Lander app game

They include the following:


· Highly effective maps

· The game is intuitive and friendly

· It is easy to operate and play

· More levels to try out

· Perfect control features


· Unstable when not updated

· Experience mild performance due to bugs

Final Verdict

The drone is flying with the purpose of ultimately identifying the landing point. Is the player ready to guide it to the appropriate direction to achieve that objective? This is the exact experience that the top-rated Drone Lander app game presents to its players. With great functional features, this easy-to-play game enables one to achieve the best out of it. Why not download it for free at Google Play today? It is time to become a pro in Drone Lander!

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