Bee Jump : Fun Game for All Age Groups !

by May 13, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform :
Developer : SoftUps LLC
Rating : 4
Positives : gameplay, fun, graphics
Negatives : none

BeeJump-Hex Bumblebees Jumper, developed by Softups LLC, is a perfect time killer game for iPhone users who are stuck waiting for either bus, train or for a friend to show up. The game is incredibly addictive with a cute little honeybee and a great control in your hand for helping her to gather honey coins. Designed with brilliant user friendly graphics, clear soundtracks and smooth controls, Intense Honey gets the job done with a fun, time-dissolving gameplay, that is perfect for people of all ages.

How to Play:

The Bee jump is an challenging game where you need to tab the screen to control the jumps and hovers of the friendly honeybee. As the honey flies up into slotted hexagonal rotating ring, it gets one honey coin. The higher up you fly, the harder it becomes as each hex starts rotating quicker and quicker. It is great challenging game and become frustratingly fast if you speed up through the game. So take your time, get your hands, don’t let your wings get clipped on the sides of it and play it smooth to keep your high score and add in the level of competition with your friends.


1)This game is released for both iPhone and iPad but it is optimized to play on iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. It is compatible with all iOS device which runs on 7.0 or higher. 2) The game is emphasized with superior graphics and perfect voice match for the entire game-play. The user friendly touch control lets you play with great handling which makes it a pretty delight. 3) As you go up and up, hex traps will start rotating faster and faster which will make you to concentrate really well while flappy jumping. So the game gets advanced as you move ahead which keeps all users interesting and occupied. 4) The game also allows you to share your high score among your family and friends and let you to add up the competition level with your pals. 5) The game is very smooth in play. There is not any hidden controls or any complex moves to proceed to advance levels. The game remains unaffected throughout the play without any interfering ads or virtual points purchasing from real money which is a perk for all users. 6) Despite being the unsurpassed quality of graphics, the overall concept of the game is so relaxing with the simplicity and user friendliness. The game itself is beautifully designed with intense logic keeping all age-group people in mind.
Bottom Line:

Overall, Bee Jump- Hex Bumblebees Jumper is a great time dissolving game-play for some quick refreshment and even challenging enough to get the intensive focus on the play. Softups LLC has always been great with designing of the conceptual gmae without any noticeable bugs or issue. Developers have really worked hard to keep the overall game so approachable with classic controlling features and amazing visualizations. All in all, The bee-jump is a great game for all ages of people with a simple concepts to enjoy and have fun.

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