Best apps compatible with Bitcoins

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Today we are living in the world where not only the goods and services are bought online and the content is consumed on the web, but also in the times where people are using digital currencies instead of a regular, outdated types of money. While everyone has heard of bitcoins, many people don’t actually understand what bitcoins are and what they are used for.


Bitcoin 101

The bitcoin is the world’s first and the most widespread cryptocurrency. It is not controlled by any government and it only relies on its users. Current marketing capitalization of the bitcoin is over 10 trillion US dollars. Yes, this tells us that the bitcoin is big and things will only grow.

You may ask a question – what are bitcoins used for? Essentially it is a payment system. You can pay with bitcoins for nearly anything, although still not everywhere. Next to this, the bitcoins can be used as an investment instrument or even for a speculation. THere are even more thing you can do with bitcoins, starting from all types of various donations and going as far as gambling with bitcoins.

So, let’s take a look at a few web services where bitcoins can be used and what their advantages are.

Are you looking for a quick translation, logo design or a video of someone dancing in bikini with a name of your friend? Fiverr has it all, and even more than that. It is a global marketplace that connects buyers and sellers, the main aspect is that every seller should offer some of its services for as little as 5 US dollars.

While it is certainly an interesting platform, it is also quite an innovative one. It was one of the first large freelance marketplaces that started accepting bitcoins.

Bitcoin is actually a perfect fit for various gambling and betting institutions. While many people have to rely on various digital wallets in order to keep at least some privacy when gambling online, it is still very hard to do. All of the online payment systems require you to complete KYC procedures if you want to lift the limits of your account.

This is where bitcoin gambling websites come handy. Not only they allow the players to stay completely anonymous, but also they are very cost-efficient. There are no commissions and no currency conversions involved. With bitcoin casinos you can keep your account balance in BTC, and this way your bankroll is not influenced by the changes in USD, EUR or other currency rates.


It is hard to highlight the most popular or the most stable one. We also are quite reluctant to do so as some of the exchangers were going bankrupt or simply were hacked before. Yet without the exchangers it would be pretty hard for the bitcoin to exist. These are the places where people exchange their fiat currencies for BTCs and they are the heart of the ecosystem around this cryptocurrency.