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Genre : Sports
Platform : Web
Developer : ODDS API
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use
Negatives :

Betting has become very popular in recent years. However, it’s still banned in most of the countries, but the day is not far when betting will become very common all over the world. Betting indeed involves a lot of risks and I agree with it, but, if you’re a real gambler and trust yourself then you can convert those risks into chances. There is not any magic that helps you to win the game always, but we have something that can make sure that you don’t miss any chance to bet and win. We will guide you at every step when you get stuck while betting and don’t know what to do! So you can become a part of this race and try not to lose as long as you’re in!

Today, I’m talking about the latest web app called Betting odds API which odds data for various sports events that are held all over the world. If you’re interested in betting, then you can consult this website! The betting odds are available for the members in the following countries: Germany, France, Australia, Japan, United States, Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom. Betting odds API odds data from all over the world with its odds API (Application Program Interface). Do you know what betting odds are? It represents the probability of an event to happen and therefore it enables you to work out how much amount you will win if your bet wins.

But, before predicting the betting odds, you need to place a bet. There are more than 15 Sports games available to place bet upon and more than 30 bookmakers worldwide. By selecting the sport for which you want to get odds, you can click and get them easily available in JSON format. You can copy the URL in your browser bar and enter your API key. This will show the JSON response in your browser.

Overall, Betting odds API, is an odds data API, that enables you to track sports odds data easily and efficiently. You can Sign Up for free plan or try our Sports Betting API. There are different plans that you can get such as a free plan which has no cost, small- $9,99/month, Medium- $44.99/ month and Large- $84,99/month. So choose a plan that suits your needs. All these plans have almost the same benefits except the number of available search requests that you can make every month from 1000- 5,500,000 requests/month respectively. Moreover, the larger plans come with unlimited support and come with a service level agreement (SLA). No matter how small or big your project is, there is the right plan for you!

So try it now if you are a sports punter!

Pros: easy to use; track sports odds data; Live betting odds in JSON format; help you to predict and win; work efficiently; easy integration; free as well as paid benefits.  

Cons: none.

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