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BidQuote was designed for professionals in need of a more flexible and dynamic system for bid management and payment collection. Traditional invoicing and accounting software doesn’t make the grade because it is too rigid and complicated, whereas today’s professional needs a solution that can evolve and align with ever-changing project requirements and payment schedules.

How Does BidQuote Work?

With BidQuote, professionals, freelancers and contractors can set up bids and email them in less than two minutes. All bids look professional and set the right tone with clients. This web application comes with a number of features that make it intuitive and highly effective, such as the ability to track projects, the capacity to estimate potential future income, alerts for opened bids and payment follow-up and much more. Creating New BidsFrom BidQuote’s dashboard, you can choose to create a new bid – or New Proposal as it has been dubbed in the software. The process is extremely straight forward as a form pops up and all you have to do is fill in the appropriate fields. You can even choose to send the bid with a payment link already included to make life easier for your clients and yourself. Things such as project description, total cost, estimated payment schedules and more are all included. And you can send the bid right from the pop-up window, which significantly streamlines the process.


Working with AlertsBidQuote features a number of alerts to really streamline the bid and payment processes. Thus, alerts are generated in a number of situations.First is the bid viewed alert, which essentially sends you a notification every time a client or prospect reviews your proposal.To ensure everything stays on track, there’s the Proposed Start Date Passed alert and the Bid Expiring alert. The former will alert you once an outstanding bid has passed the data it was supposed to commence, making it easier for you to keep track of clients and whom you need to follow up with to get new projects.Alerts are also available for when someone views your online payment page, or when you receive an E-Payment.

The Projects Page- The Projects page makes it easy for you to keep abreast of the financials on a project once you have been chosen as the winning bidder. On this page you can do things like manually tracking external payments from clients, keeping a payment history, editing projects, resending updated versions to the client and more.

The Skinny on BidQuote- BidQuote is a great application that will make life easier for small businesses, freelancers and contractors who have to deal with various different types of bids and who are looking for an effective way to manage payments. With all the features, including the ability to generate a bid, track payments and the excellent alerts, BidQuote is an excellent option if you’re looking to get your business’ operations and finances under control without the complexity and hassle of an accounting program. BidQuote offers a 14-day free trial, so if you’re not sure whether BidQuote is right for you, then visit the website, sign up for an account and give it a whirl.

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