Billdu – Making Invoice, now made easy !

by Sep 7, 20160 comments

Genre : Business
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : BILLDU LTD
Rating : 4
Positives : UI, easy to use, simple
Negatives : none

Great app that helps in managing small enterprise to create best invoices. Bildu is an iPhone or either iPad app that is prepared with ultra advanced technology.commercial enterprise are no longer in a big hustle running up their way to do business since they got the best app which allows them to produce invoice, keep records for payments received also making it easy to process quotations and estimates using the fastest and easiest way.


This app helps you create your business invoice template with features of your enterprise,having the logo included in the invoice, you choose the color of your choice and also the desired signature which appears on the invoice therefore making it easy to run your enterprise,However, this app can also helps you in printing up your invoice in one click action so as you can send out the printed bills to the customer who need the paper bill and the estimates to, Billdu also helps in keeping track of all your invoices, all the expenditure and the paid bills of your enterprise,

In an enterprise that got a number of employees we were honored to learn that Billdu has great features where many users can access the app at the same time without any complications where different staff from same company have separate user rights, the app can also provide unlimited invoices, estimates and also orders to be produced, Billdu also allow easy access to all platforms for an annual fee of around 140 euros, the app impressed us a lot due to its ability to send data over to your iPhone or either i pad.


Billdu greatly helps business owners to keep track on how their enterprise or either company is performing using simple charts,the unpaid and also the overdue invoices are as well highlighted to be clearly seen, this helps in playing a super role of cash flow.
This app also gives your business better portfolio and therefore enables you to create a business page where you can interact with your major clients and customers, there is also an option to connect your enterprise directly to produce automatic and direct orders and invoice print outs, nowadays Billdu is offering a discount after subscription, would therefore encourage most small business owners to get using the app and enjoy the best service of it sooner than later.

Fortunately, the reason as to why this app is on top and highly preferred its because its easy to use therefore making it easy for small business owners to create invoices with utmost comfort without any hassle, having used different kind of app that are designed to offer same services a would highly prefer Billdu since its a fundamental asset for small enterprise owners.

Billdu is a tool equipped to provide the ever best solution in running up a small business that can bring about a brilliant convenience inside the way you manage your commercial enterprise, the largest spotlight of this app is the capacity to permit you to create an invoice at the pass.
The app is more faster, easier and also simple to generate invoices, its much amazing for small enterprise.

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