Bingo Bash HD – Time Killing iPad Game

by May 15, 20120 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad
Developer : BitRhymes
Rating : 4
Positives :
Negatives :


Bingo Bash HD is a Bingo game you can play on your iPad. But you need to have 3G or Internet access in order for the game to work. Facebook connect will transfer the balance to the app. Bingo is a game where there is a person who will read out the numbers and you strike it off from your number cards.

The more numbers you strike out from your cards, the more chances you get to win the game. In this scenario, the game allows you to buy up to a maximum of four cards. Each card will have a list of numbers on them. You need to find all the numbers read out on your cards to win. Therefore, having more cards will have more chances to win the game. But even if you don’t get a chance to Bingo, you can just strike off the numbers that match on your cards. This will give you the amount of credit to buy more cards in the next level.

What I don’t like about this game is that each game has a timer that counts down before you start the game.  There is also a feature called “PowerPlays” which will give you extra numbers to play with if you have fewer cards. The advantage of this game is that you can chat with online gamers while you wait for the game to start. Most of the gamers are casual gamers. There is no private chat in the game. For this type of casino games, you can focus on winning instead of waiting to see how many cash you have in your pocket. The cost of each card is 1 B point.

The disadvantage of this game is that you need to unlock other levels at various levels. For example, you can unlock Palm Island at level 6 only and Grand Canyon at Level 13. The Taj Mahal level can be unlocked only at Level 25. You need to have patience to play this game to unlock the rest of the levels.  There is also “Featured Rooms” where you can play the most liked levels in this game. If you are a Bingo game, I suggest you can download this free game to try it out yourself.

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