Blacklane :Professional Driver For Faster, Affordable and Convenient

by Jun 11, 20160 comments

Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Blacklane GmbH
Rating : 5
Positives : convenient, UI
Negatives : none

Sometimes it becomes quite challenging to get the best fleet of cars that will take an individual to the intended destination. This may be either to the airport to catch a flight, to an imminent corporate meeting or even to an event or ceremony that is bound to start soon. Meanwhile, chauffer and limousine services may appear overly expensive for one to afford thus making the situation more difficult to manage. What is the way out? Apparently, Blacklane GmbH has come up with an amazing Blacklane app that will provide travelers with utmost convenience.


Having been updated last on 11th May, 2016, Blacklane app is fully dedicated to offer transportation services that exceed customers’ expectations. This is done at relatively affordable rates that customers can comfortably manage. Besides, the customer is offered an incredible opportunity to enjoy different rides on superb quality vehicles (especially in relation to comfort and convenience).

Another interesting feature is that the drivers of such cars are highly professional, time conscious and exhibit a great sense of integrity and discipline. This makes the total experience with Blacklane worthwhile. In addition, the service provided is all over the world (in more than 50 countries) thus customers can access them easily regardless of their locations. This is boosted by the availability of this app in three major languages; French, German and English. Clearly speaking, Blacklane app has brought a satisfactory customer experience that perfectly meets transportation needs!

Compatible Devices For the version 2.10.0 Blacklane App

Just from the exterior classic design up to the functionality of this amazing app, it is clear that the user will require a high quality device to facilitate compatibility. For now, Blacklane app works efficiently on devices such as iPaod Touch, iPad and iPhone. This ensures that its performance remains exceptional and meets the expected standards. In relation to the operating system, iOS 7.1 works best for this app. Meanwhile any latest version of operating system can also deliver quality output.


How Blacklane app Works

Interestingly, this is one of the easiest apps that users can quickly setup and enjoy its services. Actually, it takes a flicker of a second to make a booking for a particular ride. At first, an individual will be required to provide details on where to be picked up and the location to be dropped off. The next thing is to indicate the exact time that the driver will arrive at pickup location (This should include the right day, date and time for convenience purpose). The next thing includes what the customer is intended to pay for the ride.

Once an individual has concurred with the terms, the Blacklane app send text messages together with an email notification containing details of the driver prior to the ride. Besides, this amazing app ensures that the user is consistently updated in relation the intended ride, for instance, being notified once the driver is already on the pickup destination.

What are some of the interesting features that the user will discover in Blacklane app? They comprise of the following:

Well-explained price quotes

The level of accuracy displayed by Blacklane app in relation to the price quotes for the rides is satisfactory. All the necessary details involving fees charged, taxes imposed and even the discounts offered are well presented. This makes it quite easy for the traveler to understand the entire cost to be incurred for the ride. No complains at all!


Book a ride in seconds!

Surprisingly, as a traveler, it will take only a couple of seconds to completely finish the entire booking process. Actually, the essential details required is the destination for the pickup and dropoff and the exact time that the pickup will be facilitated. It is just that and everything is done!

Convenient paying modes

The user doesn’t necessarily need to carry cash around when accessing such transportation services. This is because Blacklane app allows payments using credit cards. Another advantage? As a customer, the correct change especially when using foreign currency will always be availed! This is worth trying indeed.

Email and text notifications 

This means of communication is meant to provide the customer with detailed information regarding the driver to carry out the task. It is always critical for customer to understand what to expect! Besides, upon arrival of the driver, Blacklane app goes ahead to inform the user so as to get ready for the ride.

Cool graphic effects and high quality themes

Just from the exterior appearance, the user will be amazed by the quality of the incredible graphic effects that contain high resolution. On the other hand, the well-designed theme perfectly aligns with the purpose of the app. This makes it absolutely outstanding!

Here are the pros and cons that are noticeable in this incredible Blacklane app:


· Absolutely convenient and time conscious

· The rates are really affordable- tips are great!

· Performance is exceptional

· Easy to set up and use- no hassles

· Unbiased level of services all over the world


· Performance altered by bugs

· Improper communication may bring inconvenience

Final Verdict

In summary, Blacklane app has proven its efficiency and effectiveness in providing high quality transportation services that have exceeded customers’ expectations. The total superb experience gained by customers is mostly attributed to its affordable rates, customer-friendly and professional services and great convenience. With a top rating of 4+ from honest reviews, it is clear that it is worth downloading! Get it to day and install it (size 55.6MB). It is time to book faster the next ride!

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