Blade of Elemental – Lovable Adventure Game !

by Jun 28, 20160 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : Android
Rating : 4
Positives : concept, adventure, fun
Negatives : none

Blade of Elemental is a great ARPG app to pass the time with and have a fun time playing. In this well-designed app, one can find a unique art style and a nice engaging gameplay that responds quickly and actively to your fingertips. It even appeals to startegy game lovers, letting you find your own way to get through this challenging yet competitive game. However, to be fair, while this game does have its’ pros, it also has several cons.

First, the pros. For one, this app employs a very beautiful art style and graphics, allowing you to see your characters sharply defined and the various enemies you’ll face. In addition, this app can be played without an internet connection, allowing those who may have long transit times through subway systems a good pastime, in addition to proving a good distraction for those who may not necessarily always be around wifi. Blade of Elemental also features a wide variety of weapons and realistic effects that stick around. You have to find new and different ways to adapt to various status effects such as frostbite and poison in order to beat your enemies, and as the various enemies stack up one strategy won’t let you just cheese your way through the game.

This game even appeals to the achievement hunting hardcore type of gamer, as Blade of Elemental awards you with different various trophies based on ingame achievements. With all these various features, it’s hard to see why not to download the app…however it isn’t all good.

While the game has many features that make it fun to play, the game has a few cons that can diminish the fun gaming experience. The most prominent one is the cost of the app. While not expensive by any means, the 99 cent pricetag to even try the app may make many reluctant to download it, I know it definitely made me hesitate before deciding to buy the app. Another con is one that many apps in this genre face: repetitiveness. Simply put, though the game tries to mix it up with different and unique challenges and enemies, repeatedly tapping a screen in order to eliminate enemies can get old. While a fun game in short bursts, this game isn’t cut out to be played for long lengths of time. The last con of this app that I found would have to be accessibility. While many app games in the app store are able to be played by IPhone 4s, this game requires for anyone who wants to play it on a smartphone to have at least an IPhone 5, limiting this app for those who may not be willing to upgrade devices for any reason.

All in all, however, Blade of Elemental is a really addicting ARPG that I personally had a fun time playing. Luckily, I have an IPhone 6, so the accessibility part wasn’t an issue for me, and after deciding to overcome my hesitation over paying to download an app, I can’t say I regret it. It certainly helps me get through morning train rides and, if given the choice, I’d download it again, price tag and all.

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