Bonfire Trail: Set The Planet On Fire To Save the One you Love

by Mar 14, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Nyx Digital Ltd
Rating : 4.5
Positives : screen, graphics, gameplay
Negatives : none

This past February, about one month ago, Nyx Digital came out with an exciting game app for iPhone and iPads called Bonfire Trail. The game is addictive, challenging, but easy to play with one hand.



The storyline is not anything new, and is standard for many games. It is a classic rendition on one of my favorite games of all time, Mario.

The story of this game follows a little burning blue meteorite named Woby, who landed on an unknown planet and is trying to rescue his beautiful girlfriend, Layla. Woby must go through eighty different levels before he can finally return back to space with his pink meteorite girlfriend.

Each level Woby is challenged by food-loving creatures, who are looking to use Woby to cook their next meal. Woby must avoid these creatures if he ever wants to see his girlfriend again.


This game is all about burning different elements like trees and logs to keep the food-loving creatures distracted to give Woby enough time to collect all of the gems in each level. If you have a pyromaniac tendency this is a great game to get your fingers on.

If you go through all 80 levels collecting all of the gems you will be able to unlock a special side story. For the sake of keeping it a mystery for you to discover yourself, I will not disclose any more information about the side story.


The design of the game is not overly complicated, but is unique and simple, which I think is one of the great aspects of this game. Each of the 80 different levels are hand drawn, which creates this cartoonish and unique experience to the game.

You can follow and help Woby through all 80 levels through 4 distinctive themes. From beautiful green grass with trees to the dry deserts with cacti. I enjoy the ability to change the theme of this game to match my environment. On a hot day I like to play in the desert on a warm or cold day I tend to play in the fields with trees.



This game lets you play with one finger by tapping different parts of the screen. Just because it involves only tapping your finger does not make this game without its challenge.

The game offers a hard and an easy playing mode. The easy mode is suitable for anyone and a great mode if you are looking for a quick play as you are allowed to collect all the gems using as many taps as you want.

The hard mode is more than I can handle. In this mode you have to get through all 80 levels by collecting the three different gems and using only 3 taps. This is a great brain mode and required a lot of thought and strategy to get beyond the 20th level.

Should You Buy it?

Bonfire Trail is $1.99 on the US App Store. It is a price I consider low for a well-designed and unique game. You have probably played similar games to this one, but I would recommend the game.

Though the storyline has been done before this game is full of unique levels and themes that are hand-drawn. Not only is every level and theme exciting, but the game is simple to play, only requiring the use of one finger by tapping the screen.

Even though the game is simple, it does not make it easy. The hard mode is a challenging round that requires thought and strategy because you are only allowed 3 taps to get through the level.

Get the game today for a fun, exciting, unique and challenging experience.

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