Bonfyre –The photo sharing App : Must Try !

by Oct 21, 20120 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : Off Campus Media
Rating : 4.5
Positives :
Negatives :


Bonfyre, is a free downloadable app creating a new buzz among the mobile fans. Its updated version 3.1.3 works perfectly well with Andriod version 2.2 and up. It’s a mobile related social network that focuses on interactions with people whom one cares the most and recollecting the memorable events, the good time spent out with family and friends. It also facilitates users to initiate some private events by the name Bonfyre through which they can invite friends to share their pictures and chat. One can also tag the events by location and allow the app to run for some time, after that it goes to the memories tab and becomes viewable again. Syncing this mobile app with Facebook account is very easy and Facebook friends can also be invited for the events you create in Bonfyre.

Features of Bonfyre

Bonfyre is very private by design, which does not allow the outside world users to access. One can have beautiful collection of photos into a single app. Events can be planned easily, organized and coordinated with a group. Photos can be uploaded as a complete private Facebook album. Cherish the memorable events through the photographs which are all in one place, unlike sending them through chain of emails or the numerous photo albums. It allows you to stay in touch with people who really matter a lot. One can have their own private safe guard when chatting or sharing the photographs. The individual account once created is very private by design. One can set the own rules and decide whom the photos need to be shared with and viewed too. Appearance of the Bonfyre is very decent. It is simple and has minimum basic background features without letting any interference to the photos and conversations. The navigation is extremely smooth and users find no problem to find their way through the many available features.

Merits and Demerits of the App – Bonfyre

College students go merry with this app and call the Facebook of the College. It is extremely stable and the performance has improved a lot. It allows sharing photos from the other apps. Uploading technique is easy and quick. It asks for Facebook permission when signing up for this App. This App allows the video and Photo shoot any time when the camera is focusing upon. This application has access to the Network location. It allows the cellular network base to identify the approximate location of the phone wherever available. There aren’t many demerits of the App just that it looks a copied version of Foursquare. Few don’t find it very functional.


As Bonfyre is offered free, it is the best deal. It is the best app one can think of as it organizes and shares all the precious and memorable events neatly and extremely quick. It’s a great way to stay connected. The best of all relief that it gives is that it’s very private and personal rather than the crowded feature of social networks like Twitter and Facebook. This app can be downloaded free to the Android phone from Google play.

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