bookPress -Ideal App for Book Writing

by Sep 20, 20150 comments

Genre : Books
Platform : iPad
Developer : Bookemon Inc
Rating : 5
Positives : UI, screens, concept
Negatives : none

Have you ever desired to write or create a book on your own? At present, all iPad owners possess the power to perform just that, write a book of their own, right at their fingertips. BookPress for iPad is an ideal application to create a book and it’s so simple that you could start in a few seconds. Download BookPress, sign up for an account using only one email, password and username and learn how to compose your own distinctive literature. When the users sign up for an account they are also able to access bCloud, which is a cloud system, that allows you to gain access to your work from any machine. Editing is one of the most important aspects to consider while writing a book and sometimes having a Book editor on hand to proof read your books, whether it be online or in person, could prove vital to get a second pair of eyes and a separate opinion on what you’ve written.


BookPress is an aesthetically beautiful application and the user-friendly interface functions perfectly well for this app. After an account is created, users can start creating the books, by clicking the New Book tab. When the new version is selected, five inbuilt themes: storybook, children’s book, yearbook, poetry book, and cookbook all pop-up so that the creative juices start flowing. Each theme type has its own options, including several different templates and also blank templates of different sizes. Once you’ve chosen your theme, whether pre-designed or blank, you will be able to select the type of book and you will also get the choice for the book’s size (in pages). BookPress also provides you with the opportunity to enter some fundamental information regarding the book, including the author name, title, subtitle, author bio, description, and the theme and whether or not to allow the public to access the book.


Once you have created a book, select it to start the editing process. We were really surprised by the huge number of editing options that BookPress offers to its users. Users can easily edit as well as place text, add images and shapes, change the background, copy / paste different elements and add new pages. The app also features a tab which exhibits the layout of the book and allows users to reorganize the layout by a simple drag-and-drop method. BookPress is packed with a multitude of features, and one of them shows the users the print margin to ensure that they are not adding elements out of the printing area. One of the features we like the most regarding this application is that BookPress will definitely publish your work and can also make it available for you with one or more copies.



  1. Create your personal photo books off-line or online
  2. Share with friends and family via email, Twitter Facebook or with a single click
  3. Easily capture live events into the books, instantly
  4. Access the books on any device via bCloud
  5. Options to produce the book in full-color softcover or hardcover quality print
  6. Request just a single copy or as much as you need
  7. Compatible with iOS5 and even higher

Check out BookPress on the store and you will be absolutely amazed by this free application. Furthermore, the features of the application are available for you at zero cost. BookPress is undoubtedly the ideal application for the book writing buffs; download BookPress right now, write your own book and share it with your buddies directly from the application!

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