Bowling Paradise 3 – For Hardcore Game Players

by Sep 26, 20150 comments

Genre : Games
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Rating : 4
Positives : graphics and audio
Negatives : None

Bowling paradise 3 is a very popular game that is supported by many devices that have an iOS operating system. Bowling paradise is a game that has been designed professionally-to ensure that you get the best experiences-by Innolab PTY LTD. The newest version of Bowling Paradise 3 game was released on 18th September 2015. The game only supports the English language but newer versions will increase the number of languages supported. Bowling Paradise 3 is a game that does not slow down the operations of your device. Very many people from all over the world play the Bowling Paradise Game. Any adult without any difficulties can play the game.


The game is very amazing. Blowing Paradise has numerous features that will make it very exciting. The overall game has also been optimized to keep you addicted. It is considered to be the best blowing game in all android and Ios devices. You can choose to play the game alone or with an opponent. The game also gives the player an experience that resembles that of great Zen bowling. This is well achieved because bowling paradise 3 has features that are always customized. The game has also been optimized to being simple for the amateur players and very exciting for the hard-core game players.


The most unique feature in bowling pleasure 3 game is that it provides the player with 8 unique locations –to select and play at- that are very distinctive. These locations are; the beach which very relaxing and calm, the garden which is always fresh and relaxing, the camping region which is very quiet, the slope regions that are very exciting, the space which is very amazing and interesting, the lights regions that have very special light-effects, the mushroom areas that are imaginary and the dome regions that are very classic. Each of these locations has its own atmosphere and game-play that will make you very addicted.


You can also not forget to mention the amazing graphics that have been integrated in the bowling pleasure 3 games. The animations and the special effects are very friendly to the eyes. The games resolution levels are also well taken care to give you the best experience when playing this game. The developer has also developed some special fireworks that are very awesome. The fireworks have been set in every location. The game has integrated 10 balls that can be customized easily to depending on your choice. You will also be happy to choose from 10 beautiful pins. The game also ensures that you get the best experiences when using the controls to spin the balls. You can swipe left or right, tilt your device or a combination of the two controls.

The newer version of Bowling Paradise Game has ensured that the bugs that were making the game to hang are well fixed. You will only be required to download this game from iTunes at no cost. The game requires a free memory of about 77.8 MB in your iOS device. yo should also share the sweet experiences with your family and friends.

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