Box Island Game; An Unstoppable Learning and Enjoyable Coding Experience

by Jul 8, 20160 comments

Genre : Education
Platform : iPad | iPhone
Developer : Radiant Games ehf
Rating : 4
Positives : graphics, fun, colors, UI
Negatives : none

Getting a fantastic and adventurous experience can be kind of interesting. Keeping in mind that such kind of adventure comes along with an incredible learning experience makes it much captivating. Kids can now get a chance to interact with the recently updated Box Island app. Having been designed and developed by Radiant Games, this fantastic app gives boys and girls a perfect moment as they learn the basic coding techniques while still having fun playing the game. Based on a story-oriented process, the kids encounter a challenging and engaging experience which motivates them and improve their rational thinking. Clearly, this is an incredible app that any kid cannot miss to try out!


The Functionality of the Box Island app

Designed in a 3D model, Box Island app is quite simple to set up and operate. This makes it user-friendly for kids. During the game, the kids are exposed to the basic coding techniques such as loops and conditions where they are required to understand and unravel the puzzle behind them. The game comes with 100 levels that the player needs to solve where the user can access the first ten levels for absolutely free. To advance to other higher levels, the user will be required to access them on Apps-in purchase at a relatively affordable price.

Compatible Devices for Box Island app

To operate and use this app, the user will be required to possess a highly defined device with the excellent capability of delivering high-quality performance. Presently, this app works well with devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Meanwhile, the user of this app needs to integrate iOS 9.1 or any new version to get the best output.



Apparently, below are the distinct features that the user will come across in Box Island app:

100 unique levels integrated

The game offers an incredible opportunity for the player to try out the 100 different levels that have been incorporated into the game. The levels come with a challenging experience that the user needs to apply important skills to tackle them. The player is allowed to play the first 10 levels for free. The purchased levels contain three levels, that is, junior coder (up to 20 levels), skilled coder (up to 50 levels) and master coder (up to 100 levels). They come at a cost of $2.99, $5.99 and $7.99 respectively.

A chance to learn coding fundamentals

With the aim of giving kids an engaging learning experience, Box Island app has integrated basic coding that the children can find it easy to grasp. For instance, children are exposed to components such as conditionals, pattern recognition, loops, debugging, algorithmic thinking and sequencing. The entire process boosts their brain performance.


Amazing gameplay songs

The user will discover that this version 2.0.4 has adopted highly improved songs that appear to match well with the entire setup of this great app game. Also, the fun sounds produced by Hiro, the main character, keep the kids entertained and fascinated!

Highly-defined 3D quality display

This great app has incorporated high-quality display which is reflected in the quality theme and animations found within it. It has made its performance remain overwhelmingly high thus giving the satisfaction needed. Besides, the beautiful gates, 3D environments, scenes and the worldmap road express the above average quality of display seen.

Efficient user interface

With the adoption of a user-friendly interface that is super easy, this clearly indicates that the kids will have a spontaneous moment when using this app. Besides, this makes learning even more understandable and enjoyable mainly due to intuitive nature of the app.

20 languages fully supported

Due to the large user base, the game is now available in about 20 different thus making it give a world experience to its users. These languages include Portuguese, Korean, English, Spanish, French, German, Vietnamese, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, Finnish, Chinese, Icelandic, Brazilian, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Russian and Romanian.

New components found in Box Island app

Some of the new features integrated into this great app include new scenes and 3D environments, cinematic story part, beautiful gates on a worldmap road, selection of multiple coders and improved interface.

Here are the Pros and Cons that the user will discover in Box Island app:


• Quite simple to operate and use

• Engaging and fun for kids

• Comes with great lessons that boost thinking performance

• Highly defined graphic effects and lovely animations

• The gameplay songs keep one active and entertained


• Mild performance experienced when not updated

• Difficult accessing the levels to be purchased


Box Island app has proven to meet the expectations of its users through offering exceptionally high-quality performance. This is mostly attributed to its highly defined features such as perfect animations, 3D model, high-quality soundtrack and its intuitive nature. This is an app that clearly demonstrate unstoppable experience to kids thus worth downloading. It is available for free at App Store.

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