Bring Back Your Love Of Writing With Edge Diary

by Dec 20, 20170 comments

Genre : Lifestyle
Platform : iPad | iPhone
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Rating : 4
Positives : UI, Graphics
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The practise of keeping diaries has fallen out of favour recently. The idea of taking pen to paper in an age where pen and paper are increasingly hard to find is a novel idea indeed. These days, people are all about their smartphones; they don’t have time to jot down a whole day’s worth of thoughts, they’re far too busy clicking into articles that only tangentially apply to them. If you’re upset about this development and struggle to maintain a diary despite the presence of smartphones, then we just might have the app for you. It’s called Edge Diary and it’s available now on the App Store.

Developed by Masatoshi Takahara, Edge Diary is billed as a classic diary app for the mature-minded people. It could also be a perfect fit for genuinely mature people, as it’s extremely simple to use. Simply download and install the app, and you’re good to start penning your first entry. It possesses a shortcut function that can be used as sticky notes, for situations where you want to get something down quickly, which you can then elongate at your leisure once you’re a little less pressed for time. These sticky notes help you keep track of a specific page, in much the same way as sticking a note to a real page would.

Mark Twain once said, ‘if I had more time I would’ve written a shorter letter’. Luckily, for those who just can’t help rambling on, Edge Diary supports a bluetooth keyboard, so you can really hammer out those entries into the wee hours. You can add a picture to each entry (one of the benefits of having a digital diary as opposed to a physical one), and then view your entries as calendar view, album view, plain ol’ diary view or favourite view, as well as search for specific entries.

All in all, Edge Diary is a smart little app that’s free to download from the App Store and will appeal to those who miss the idea of a diary, and want to incorporate a little bit of nostalgia into their daily smartphone routine. You won’t have to hide it under your pillow either!