Bring Back The Excitement Of Casino Slot With The Great Slot Machines

by Oct 16, 20120 comments

Platform : Android
Developer : Great Apps Ltd
Rating : 4
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The ambiance and excitement that flows throughout the casino is electrifying and mesmerizing. People are ready to pay some hasty bucks for an extra game. Earning is not that important, what more important is the fun and the urge to win. However, the life does not allow you to pay for your enjoyment with time and money quite frequently, and you have to compromise your desires. The new slot game designed by Great application LTD is here to fulfill your desire to play casino games and that too on your android device. If you have an android phone or any such device with android 2.2 or more, you can play Great Slot Machines, version 3, whenever you want.

The slot game, Great Slot Machine, brings back the fun of original slot games and it creates a casino like ambiance without the risk of wasting money. Go crazy over the bonus money and bonus games in between. Be lucky and grab some free spins to increase your cash balance. New Camelot is added to the game list in the new version of the game.


  • The great slot machine is designed for the larger section of players who won’t like to waste money for a day in a casino. The game is made for entertainment and not for betting.
  • There are several stages of the game and you can choose them from the introductory screen. In the first level only one option will be available but as you move up the levels, new stages or worlds will be unlocked.
  • The version three of the game has several bonus games and stages that will keep you interested in the game for a long time.
  • With this game, you will have free daily bonus and double, auto game and bonus game in many of the levels.
  • There are separate buttons for each action and they can be operated through your finger tips. The first screen is relatively simple with just two buttons. Once you select the world, you will see buttons such as play table, line, bet, and auto and start each having different roles to play.
  • The game rules are simple and displayed in the beginning. Each symbol carries distinct values. 3 in a row will give 10 extra spins.
  • There are bonus symbols and once you get three of them in a line, the bonus games unlock.
  • You can bet for each of the spin and the bet can be anything from 1 to 500 credits.
  • The game requires android 2.2 or up and it takes just 15M space in your mobile.
  • The game is available free for the time being.

Summary: The game, great slot machine is the mobile version of popular slot game. The game comes with several levels and the scope of earning money is ample. The double option allows you to double your winning. It is a game with the excitement and features of slot.

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